Blue Lives Matter = Thug Lives Matter

We have all been slowly conditioned into a tyrannical police state.  The media say that the police are there to help and that you should be proud of law enforcement officers but the truth is that the police are not here to help you and a lot of times when they are called to do their job they don’t do it but torment the people who called on them for help.

More and more the local police are getting equipped with military weapons that should never be used against civilians.  A lot of this has to do with the fake war on terror that the New World Order has created. If you want to fight the war on terror than the first thing you should do is shut down this out of control government that is manufacturing all these terrorist attacks and terrorizing the people with their outrageous and laws.

When you see one of these blue lives matter/ I stand with law enforcement signs it is really disgusting since that person has been so brainwashed to worship their slave masters.  The Cops don’t protect but they harass and extort. Some police may do good things and protect people but it does not outweigh that they are serving this corrupt illegitimate socialist nanny state.  If you want to help people than don’t become a Cop.

A lot more respect can be given to fire fighters since they mostly help people and don’t sit on the side of the road ready to collect and harass.  Truthfully fire departments should all be privatized so as not to have a service provide at the expense of people who don’t use it.

The sick mantra of the police when you complain about your rights being abused is that they are just doing their job and this is really bad since all the worst atrocities have been carried out by people who were just doing their job.

People have become so worthless that they wont take the responsibility for things but call the cops to do it for them since the are scared lazy and stupid.  The police have been taught to think that they are above everyday people and that since they have a badge it grants them extra rights.  They should feel that they are a servant of the people and not a master over the people.  Black Lives Matter has caused a lot of people to put out these pro LEO signs but people need not be programmed by this Soros/globalist funded movement.

We must stop being pushed around by these thugs.  The best thing you can do is to avoid them as much as you can and when you do run into them you should be peaceful and not let them bully you around.  know your rights and don’t be a slave.  Note that this advice should be taken with your own judgment and we can not be held responsible for any thing that happens.

A lot people who are bullies and thugs become Cops since they can get away with tons of things that they could not if they did not have the badge behind their actions.

Now some empty-headed people will say that you should not be complaining since you can vote if you want to change things but this is one of the biggest frauds pulled on the people.  Voting is huge waste of time since most people are brainwashed slaves that will always vote to grow the nanny state and have more theft take place.  Also all the big elections are rigged by the system to put in their puppet of choice.  We have a post about the scam of voting linked right here so check that out if you want to learn more about that topic.

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Alt-Right VS Alt-Left

Alt-Right VS Alt-Left

Some people have been aware of all the shilling in the fake alternative media by people like Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Rebel Media.  These people are somewhat considered Alt-light and they are also somewhat affiliated with the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right has really been in the news and all over the media with the events in Charlottesville Virginia.

The Alt-Right has become a meme like the Fake News meme.

The Alt-Right is a pathetic movement; some people that have been duped into this scam movement are good people that are just very foolish.

The people that participated in this march looked like absolutely pathetic losers just like Antifa and the Alt-left.  A lot of the Antifa people have been shown to be payed Soros agents and that is likely the case with the Alt-Right also.

People that fell for the Alt-Right where people that where still deceived into believing in the false left right paradigm so making the jump into the Alt-Right was easy since they bought the mind control of the false paradigm.

Trump has also played a roll in the Alt-Right/Alt-Left paradigm. Trump is a total globalist sellout that was pumped up by the fake alt media.  Trump is nothing more than a Zionist puppet.

The pathetic acts of the Alt-Right show that we are living in the age of idiocy and that this generation is the dumbest generation of all time.

We can see that some of the concerns that the Alt-Right bring up are legit like the constant attack on white heterosexual males but they are handling it in the worst way possible.  Going to protests is for the most part an idiotic waste of time.  Alt-light fake alt media people have also had their idiotic free speech rallies like the battle for Berkeley and other events that did nothing more than create violence.  Most of these rallies are nothing more than a staged divide and conquer operations.

If you want to fight this attack on old fashion western values then set your self out as the example by having a big family and being self sufficient not being basement dwellers that run around with Tiki torches!

The elite want all these violent protests so that they can make the police state bigger and bring in martial law!

Charlottesville was where the unite the right rally took place and just from the name you can see how dumb it was!  The thing that mind control slaves fail to understand it that the Right and Left are controlled by the same hands and that morons are on either side of the divide.

The attitude that people need to take is screw the right and the left since they are truly just working together behind the scenes to bring in this new world order!

Alt-Right people think they are different from the mainstream right but they are just a tool to catch people that start to wake up to the bullshit of the Left/Right but fall back into the trap created by the people you are not allowed to talk about.

We hold much more truly to the principles that held society together in days gone by than these Alt-Right frauds.  The Alt-Right is degenerate and some of these people claim they have traditional views on the rolls of men and women and the family but they have nothing more than pseudo morality.

The way things should be is that both parents are stay at home parents that live off the land and till the soil for there sustenance not going out in to the wicked city to make a living!  It has been the agenda of the globalist elitist to get people off the land and into the city so that they can destroy the family with the toxic mind control of the public fool system and the media!  People need to go back to an agrarian lifestyle!

All the so called progress we have had to this modern urbanized lifestyle is nothing more than a progression to the destruction of humanity.

Some things that we have gained from this progress may be useful but for the most part the effects have been negative.

Leave the mind control of the left and the right and join the truth by being a believer in Agrarianism!

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Abolish woman’s right to vote now!

Feminism is something that is under big attack right now by the Alt-Right, we find this to be very disturbing.

Feminism is a great example of what happens when women are freed from the patriarchy and are not oppressed by evil white men.  How did we get this far? The war on women is still raging strong but at least women have the right to vote so that the men don’t take over and kill all the women.

Equality is something that can not be turned away from, if we don’t have equality then women will cease to exist and bigotry will win.  We can’t let that happen because social justice requires that we fight the force of evil called white heterosexual men.

With the power of science we will be able to artificially fertilize woman’s wombs with woman generating chemicals.  No more need to have pesky men around because we are living in the future and it’s a new age! You should be overjoyed!

World peace will be everywhere because we all know the fact that women never start wars.  It’s an exclusive trait of white men to get into conflicts.

When ever women get into conflicts men are always behind them.  Don’t be deceived be racist bigots like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now you may be asking why the heck is this article called abolish woman’s right to vote?

First woman is just an idea, gender is bullshit made up by the EWM/Evil White Men.  So that has it women don’t exist so why would something that does not exist need to right to vote?

Thanks for reading this far!  The top part of this article is just showcasing the pure insanity of every type of feminism.  Now your going to say you mean you are against the suffragette movement?  We all know that the suffragette movement was a great thing and that it is the feminism that we have now that is so toxic.

Well we are sorry to pour some cold water done your back but the truth is the suffragette movement was just as toxic as the feminism we have now.

Lets look at the history of the suffragette movement and show you how it was a really bad thing.

Back in the 1900s women where getting tired of being abused by men and having far less rights so they thought this is not fair we should be equal with men.

Did you just buy that line of BS?  Well if you did then your dumb.  We know that you feel you’re a very intelligent person but to tell you the truth your head is filled with silly ideas and lies that have no basis in reality.

We know that you’re getting very offended but that’s a good thing!

The suffragette movement is one of the most evil things that the powers that should not be have carried out!

The Rockefeller dynasty funded the suffragette movement so that they could rake in uncountable amounts of money by use of one of their most evil methods of control which is called theft/taxation.

The whole idea behind the suffragette movement was to destroy society by destroying the family structure and getting women to put themselves into to slavery for the state.

You have been so deceived that you are fighting for your own destruction.                       The American dream is nothing more than a big hoax set up to lead you back into your shackles.

The USA was set up by the Freemasons and its owned by Israel.  The Zionist coup d’etat happened a long time ago!

The only way that you can escape from the elite control grid is to stop being a mind-controlled slave.

People these days are not really human with all the poison they are feed and live in.

The masses are going to be begging to give up the real human that is still left in them and replace themselves with robotics.  Test tube babies are coming in no time and if that does not scare the crap out of you then wake up!

We could go on for years about how horrible the suffragette movement was but that is something that you should research your self.

Now the reason why woman should not vote is because no one should be voting! It’s criminal to support the state!

If you must ever vote it must be to downsize the government and remove regulations. The big elections are all rigged and bullshit and much of the local elections are a waste of time because it’s one 1 freedom loving person to a 100 shitizens!

If we have to have a government then it should never be a democracy!

Look at the USA inc we have had democracy and look where it got us!  Even though democracy is bad we don’t have any whatsoever in this country and all the other big supper power ZOGs.

Your vote does not count and it does nothing but let this NWO reach it’s tentacles tighter around you and the rest of the world.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a scumbag liar and Zionist shill that is working for the elite to screw you over!

You have got to be really dumb to think that a legit person would rise that high up in the media and be famous.

They hate you with a passion and they will do anything to depopulate you!

WAKE UP!  DON’T TAKE THE RED PILL!  RED PILL IS 100% bullshit and you’re a fool like Tim Fool the tool if you take the RED PILL!

The franchise must end!

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MGTOW is moronic

Something that has gained popularity recently is Men Going Their Own Way.  Part of this has to do with the fact that feminism has made some women to be really horrible people who men don’t want to be around. So when men get feed up with the BS from feminists, some decide that they should just give up on women and go their own way.  Some may think this is a good thing to do since they have only been around these type of women. This MGTOW movement is just part of the greater agenda to destroy the family and depopulate the planet.  The other big part of this agenda is the LGBT agenda that pushes the abandoning of true marriage and the pursuit of narcissistic degeneracy.  Something big in the MGTOW movement is the term red pill aka waking up to the truth of how things are.

The Red pill deception comes from the Zionist Hollywood mind control movie called The Matrix which was made by the Wachowski brothers now known as the Wachowski sisters.  Click here to check out our post regarding the Red pill scam.

This insanity of transgender-ism all ties back to the LGBT agenda to destroy the family and cull the herd.

We will agree that men should abandon interactions with Feminist fanatics but that does not mean that you should throw out the baby with the bath water.

MGTOW morons say that all women can not be trusted and that you should not have relationships with them.  This idea is simply moronic and illogical.  You should not go your own way you should find a good woman and start a family and live a self-sufficient life.

Why have men been so neutered that they would embrace a pathetic ideology like MGTOW?  One of the big factors that has been making men less like men is all the chemicals that are being pumped into the food and everywhere else in the environment also something that might play an even bigger role is the media and how it programs men and woman to switch roles not have families and be self-obsessed narcissistic morons.

Some people choose to be single, and that is fine but you should not be going around and poisoning young minds with lies and anti-family ideologies that lead many people to live unhappy angry lives filled with hate and ignorance.

It might be tricky to find wholesome women in these super leftist hellhole cities but if that is the case you should leave and go live in the country or in a small town you will not only be around more sane people but you will be less exposed to all the toxicity that the city produces and will be much better off when the shit hits the fan. The agenda of the NWO is to push people into the smart mega cities and keep them from being independent and self-sufficient.

We need to stop tolerating this stupid movement and treat people who follow it just like feminists and SJW fanatics.

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Popular Science the disgrace

Popular Science has become a horrible Scientism propaganda outlet that can be considered fake media. It’s nothing more than a fake pseudoscience outlet.

There are so many fake media outlets on the internet and PS is just another example of how most of your media is fake. Now here are a few reasons why PS is nothing but pure propaganda and mind rot.

Global warming fear mongering

Most of the mainstream corporate media are spewing this nonsense but PS seems to be pretty in bed with the global warming scam.

GMO Propaganda

PS spews a lot of bullshit about how great GMOs are and how they are going to be the savior and feed a starving planet. There is plenty of food but so much is wasted because of the throw away culture and there would be abundance of food if more people would have small farms instead of living in cities. If you’re pro GMO you are an enemy of the earth and humanity.

GMOs are a tool to make big profits for big chemical companies and a way to cull the herd and destroy the planet.

Vaccine Propaganda

PS is full on board with pharmaceutical cartels and all the other vaccine pushing PRO Dysgenics PRO depopulation outlets. There is a plethora of information you can find about the dangers of vaccines but if your still in the dark about something like this then you need help to wake up from your mind control.

PS has disabled comments on their website because they say comments are bad for ‘science’ but the truth is that people are starting to call them out on their bullshit and they don’t want people learning the truth.

We have seen few PS magazines and most of the magazine is garbage there are a few neat things but most of it’s all junk.

We have also noticed that the magazine has ads for cigarettes and other things known to cause cancer so if they are so PRO science then why do they promote things proven by science to cause cancer. Very hypocritical if you ask me but that’s what you come to expect from the sellout media.

It’s not really that big of a deal that they pulled the comments it’s their website they can do what ever they want but when you see all the nasty stuff they push then maybe you should realize that it’s time cancel your subscription and never give them another cent.

PS is A pretty old magazine where not sure if they where rotten from the start but they sure are now!

Never give money to these sellouts unless you want to help destroy the world.

The paperless scam

In this modern age we hear about why everyone should go paperless and use tablets and smart phones for everything and use as little paper as possible.  Also we hear all the hype about how great e-books are and how paper is going to die out.  What is pushing this change?  The sustainable development folks will rage on about how we are destroying the world by using so much paper.  But sustainable development is an agenda of the NWO and if we want to achieve sustainability we must abolish the globalist cities created by the NWO to imprison you.  We must return to the land and have a mass exodus from these mega cities.

This move to paperless tech is all part of the negative progress that has been bringing us closer to the full establishment of the global NWO government.

But lets look behind all the rambling and see what the real benefits and dangers of going paperless are.

When everything is made digital it makes it much easier for content to be erased.  If you have all of your data stored on your computer then it can be erased remotely but with paper copies there is a lot more effort involved in disposing of controversial material.

We think that e-books have a place and it is nice to be able to distribute content with little cost compared to paper copies but that does not mean that everything should be made digital.

We plan to have some e-books on TUM and it is good to be able to get real media out with little cost but we will have it set up so that you can print the e-books out so that you have a hard copy.

Reading all your books on the computer or an e-reader is harmful for your eyes and health.

Studies have shown that people get more out of reading paper books than e-books.

Book burning will be as easy as clicking a button and TPTB can access your computer even if it is not connected to the internet.  If an EMP ever happens you will lose all your paperless data unless you have a Faraday cage to protect your data but hardly anybody has done this.

Reading good books is one of the best things we can do and if more people would be reading books then watching TV and consuming other filthy brainwashing we would not have this generation being the dumbest of all time.  Not all books are good and there are many bad books that have been put out by the new world order to fill you up with lies.

When you read paper books you have far less distraction then you do when you read them on an e-reader or other device.  So many things to click off on and be distracted with that it makes it less beneficial.

Lots of stores are stating to just send you their receipts via email or some other digital method this is not a good thing because they are using this data to add more and more information to the profile they have created for you.  They might know stuff about you that you don’t even know.  Do not leave a digital trail behind your self.  Keep your pictures off the internet and realize that if you put it on the internet they have it.

This paperless scam is also part of the surveillance police state that is in power right now they want to control everything.  They are the ultimate control freaks that see you as a cockroach that needs to be exterminated.

An internet ID is coming and you better be prepared to get off the internet when it comes out.  We have been able to do a lot of good with the internet but the amount of damage that has been done with the internet far out numbers the good that has been done.

If people really wanted to go after paper waste they would be looking at all the paper packaging that we waste in are materialistic consumerism.  Many a tree has been cut for the selfish vanity of man; you do not need to live in a mansion and build vain structures that waste much more trees than a library of books.  The paper system is not ideal and there are many bad things that go on with the greedy paper companies.  Lots of bad chemicals and things are used when paper is made but it can be said that your tech uses much more destructive chemicals.

This move to a paperless society is part of the greater agenda of the elite control grid.

The most terrifying part of this elite control grid is the cashless global currency they have planed for us.

IOT is another huge part of the elite control grid that ties into the paperless scam.  Click here to see more about IOT.

You don’t live in a matrix you live in an elite control grid called the NWO.  There are many other names you can you use to describe the system that we are living in but the matrix is just the Hollywood created false idea that lots of people are still under.

1984 is not coming it’s here.

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Get off the Trump train!

Most of the alt media has jumped on the Trump train and there is no coming back! People have fallen for the Trump deception and have been dragged back into the false left/right paradigm.

It’s all divide and conquer so that TPTB can bring in their globalist agenda well everyone is distracted by the show.

Seeing how many people who have fallen for the Trump deception shows how most people that claim to be awake are still sound asleep.  People that have been instrumental in the Trump deception are known Zionist agents like Alex Jones and Mark Dice.  There are many other alt media characters involved in the Trump deception but Alex Jones has been huge in deceiving many people in to the Trump deception!  Now people will say but look at the good Trump has done!  Yes it is true that Trump has done some good but that does not change the fact that it is still a deception. Very wicked people still do some good.

Another group that has been big in pushing Trump is the Alt-right a controlled false movement!

Not everyone on the Alt-Right is and agent and there are some good people who call themselves Alt-Right. But most of the big players on the Alt-Right are controlled.

The Alt-Right has been using Pepe as their symbol and Pepe is based on KEK an androgynous occult symbol.  If you see someone using Pepe as their profile picture you can assume that they are a shill or ignorant!

Ssomething else that is ironic is that the creator of Pepe is a left-wing fanatic that created Pepe to be a degenerate.

It is insane how dumb people have become to fall into the bullshit of the Trump deception.  People post lots of memes on social media with Pepe and this shows that the majority of people are under mass mind control.  Another instrumental thing in bringing about this deception is the insane SJW left-wing fanatics that are triggering people into thinking look at how insane and dangerous these morons are.  Lets get Trump elected and he will stop all this insanity but this is all a scam!

There are so many false roads that people are being led down and there is not a mass awaking going on but a shift from one type of mind control to another.

Trump was selected not elected don’t fall for the lies! Your vote does not count and you are being led to the slaughter!

This post is in no way supportive of the other scumabgs like Bernie and Hillary.

Trump is the most pro Zionist president ever! Just watch some of the videos with him saying how great Israel is.

Trump is also a friends with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

There are lots more that you can dig up on Trump but don’t waste too much time on it because there are lots of other things that should be looked into.

Trump has not drained the swamp but filled his administration with Goldman Sachs scum and CFR agents.  Trump will never make America great again the only way for that to happen is if you do your part to make America great.  Voting does nothing but further the illusion that the puppet masters want you to believe.

Tons of people have went on the Trump train because they are weak and want to deny the reality of who is running the show.

People are lazy and they don’t want to change their own life style and think that the Government can solve their problems by building a wall.  The truth is it’s not going to help us to have a cage built around us.

The reason the world is so screwed up is because the majority of people are dumb lazy sheeple that don’t want to have responsibility or take care of them selves but rely on the Government.

There are lots of good people who are Trump supporters they are just a little slow on seeing the reality of how things really work.

Now please don’t keep riding the Trump train because it’s not going to be fun when it crashes.  There is no need to keep your self stuck in the false left/right paradigm.  If you like being manipulated then stay but if you want to be free then leave.

This article was written before Trump started bombing the middle east.  And now his actions have confirmed that he is nothing more than a puppet.  Trump has been shown to be fully controlled and has admitted to being a globalist.  Russia did not get Donald Trump elected Israel did; the Zionists are behind Trump.

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The fake alternative media

There is a growing number of people who have little trust in the corporate media.  The elite know this so they have cleverly crafted a fake alternative media to program the people who don’t follow the corporate fake media because they don’t want to lose control.  Some of the alt media is good but the majority is just as bad as the corporate fake media.  You should do all that you can to support real alt-media but do not be deceived by the fake Zionist alt-media.

They have been using the media for years to program people into the NWO, and they are continuing their agendas with the fake alternative media they have created.  The popular established alt media is fake and 100% controlled.

At one time people felt that YouTube was an alternative to what you would see on the TV and that it was the future and that TV was going to die.  This might have been true at one time but if you go on YouTube now you will find that all of the popular content is absolute filth and NWO programming.

YouTube is 100% percent controlled not everything on YouTube is NWO content but the quality content is suppressed and gets hardly any views.

Google the company that owns YouTube is a player in many NWO agendas such as the surveillance state, LGBT agenda, trans humanism, IOT, virtual reality, And Promoting NWO programming.

Something that can be said is that the internet is 90 percent bullshit and this is becoming more and more obvious.  TV is 99.99% bullshit and internet is almost as bad; so that is why it is so important to not consume fake corporate media and fake alt media.

One of the ways that they spread their propaganda is by setting up so-called independent blogs because people see that what they see on the corporate media is so fake.  So they think this looks like an independent blog that does not have corporate or governmental interests.  One of the most obvious places you will see this is in the debunking blogs that are claimed to be run by skeptics that counter the anti-science conspiracy theorists plaguing the internet.  All of these sites are part of the cult of Scientism and love to pedal the junk pseudo science of the establishment.  There is also a huge amount of fake conspiracies that are put out by agents to muddy the waters with endless lies and distractions from real conspiracies.

Another place this infiltration is seen is the SJW critics that don’t tell you the whole truth and gate keep you from learning about the NWO.  The skeptic community is a huge deception of frauds and liars that are NWO setups.

You need to always be cautious of media’ don’t just believe anything research it yourself and make up your own opinion.

The NWO has many tricks up its sleeves and you need to be aware of all the sneaky ways they control you so that you can protect your mind and body from their poison.

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Virtual reality the next tool of the new world order

People these days can not go a day with out there heads stuck in their smart phones this is a very disturbing thing but it will get much worse with the advent of VR.  One of the most covered VR headsets has been the Oculus Rift created by Palmer lucky.  Not that long after the Oculus Rift was starting to gain a lot of media attention it was purchased by the hideous corporation known as Facebook.

A lot of the corporate media is all on board with promoting VR and they tell you that VR will help many people and it can be used to teach, educate, and entertain.  But the number one use of VR will be to program control and brainwash the masses even further into the NWO.  VR might  become almost indistinguishable from reality.

Most people now are living in a state of controlled reality and VR will take it to an even higher level.

If you have cable television cut the cable now!  Unplug your self from the mind control of the corporate media and the fake alternative media!

Do not buy your kids VR headsets and don’t even buy one for your self.  It will save you from wasting lots of time and money. You also do not want to support this attack on reality from the NWO.

The sellouts on YouTube will sell you these VR headsets and tell you how wonderful they are.  But they are placed there for a purpose.  YouTube is not organic and the content that is promoted by YouTube is the content that they want you to be consuming.

After VR has become mainstreamed they will bring on trans humanism.  They are already selling you trans humanism but they will use VR to sell it to you even more.

We need to get back into nature and get away from our tech more and VR will make it even harder for people to get back to the land and enjoy creation. This is a tool of the NWO and we must not allow them to use it on us or others.

Much destruction will be brought about from VR and the people behind VR are not good people they are very bad people who want to bring about the full creation of a global government.

Video games right now are being used massively to program the youth into the many agendas of the new world order.  It is also a huge waste of time to rot your mind by playing endless hours of video games.  If you want to play some video games in moderation it is okay but you still need to guard your self and your children from the harmful programming contained in most popular video games.

The very popular video game Pokemon go is an example of the destruction that will come from VR, there have already been 14 deaths from Pokemon go and lots of injuries. Most of the these fatalities linked with Pokemon go are more connected with the stupidity of the players, but the game is also being used for many other nefarious purposes like spying, tracking and seeing just how dumb the masses really are.  Pokemon go is considered augmented reality which might turn out to be even more dangerous than VR but they are booth similar in their objective.  Some VR headsets can also lead to eye damage.

VR will only intensify the harm that is being done right now by video games.

They also have VR porn that will pollute minds with more destructive degeneracy.

There might be some good things that can be done with VR but for the most part it will be garbage mind control and conditioning.

Please check out some of these other articles relating to VR and other technologies being used by the NWO.

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Why the internet of things is bad for humanity

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Why the internet of things is bad for humanity

The internet of things has become the new rage and the media has been pushing it on us and lots of people think it’s so awesome and that it will help to make our lives easier and keep us safe and empower us.  But the truth is that the internet of things will destroy society and enslave us to the powers that be.  Here  are ten reasons why the internet of things is bad for our freedom and humanity.

1 The internet of things will make us lazy and stupid

We can see the proof of how dumb technology can make us with the smart phone generation that can’t even function without their Smartphones.  And if the internet of things catches on you will see even more of this stupidity and laziness.  People have become very lazy and dependent on technology and it hurts to think about all the people who can’t do basic tasks without hi-tech technology.

2 Less self-reliance

IOT will make us even more reliant on technology and less self-reliant.  If the power was shut off in a big city or even in some small towns all hell would break loose and lots of people would be totally screwed because that don’t know how to function without electricity and the internet.  With IOT it will be 10 times worse!

3 All privacy will be gone in the age of IOT

Now days we see cameras everywhere and privacy is becoming very rare and if all of are everyday things are connected to the internet privacy will be non-existent.  Lots of people claim that there will be encryption and such to protect your privacy are you kidding me? back-doors will be built into everything and it will be required by law.

4 Are lives will become more vulnerable to criminals

The people pushing IOT love to tell us all the crimes that will be prevented with IOT and how safe we will become but we can see that is a big lie.  Look at all the new IOT cars and how hackers can unlock your car though the internet and put your brakes on.  In an IOT world we would be far less secure and life would become a nightmare.

5 Freedom of speech will become a thing of the past

We can see the proof of this right in front of our eyes as we come closer to an IOT world. Internet censorship is growing and the controls on what we can and can not say are becoming tighter.  Now we still have some freedom on the internet, and the internet has helped us to spread information but the tide is turning and the best part of the internet will be gone.  In an IOT world the worst censorship of the internet will become part of all our lives.

6 Big brother will control every part of your life.

Big brother has become very controlling now and if IOT becomes realty they will police everything they can and if you step out of line they will pin point you in minutes and have you removed.

7 IOT would still be bad if there was no agenda behind it.

Lots of people can see the nefarious reasons for IOT but even if IOT had no ill intent behind its creation it would still be bad for humanity.  Having robots and smart things do everything for you will make you a weak person good hard work is a great blessing that helps to shape you and make you a stronger person but if we let robots and smart things do everything for us we are not living we are nothing but a cog in the machine. Becoming cyborg is not something to be proud of and if you think it is you are a disgusting sellout and a disgrace to human kind and nature.  IOT will lead to singularity AKA total enslavement to the elite.

8 Less reliability

The more we make things electronic and internet connected the more ways they can fail. Here is a simple example.  A bicycle is much simpler and does not fail as much as a car with all of its fancy electronics and mechanisms. So if we put electronics and internet connectivity in to everything there are going to be lots more things that can fail and go wrong.

9 Things will become less modifiable

Some IOT pushers love to tell us how lots of IOT things will become open source and that we will be able to modify and change things to make them the way we want them to be but the truth is you can not make money that way and we can see how the computer used to be more open to modification but now days computers are very closed and you can not change things and if you do then you will void the warranty.  When everything is connected to the internet we will have less freedom to modify and change things and when we do they will just shut the product down from the internet if you tamper with it. Back in the old days things were made to be fixed and changed by the owner so you could make things more secure and better suited for you.

10 Property rights will fade into the past

Tesla’s new IOT car will have restrictions on how you can use it and they will not allow you to use it for services like Uber but you can only use it with their network.  So basically you don’t really own your car but you just license it from Tesla. This will extend into lots of other IOT products and your property rights will be gone.  Here is a link to another article we have about self driving smart IOT cars and the nightmare that will come from that.

Amazon and Google have recently rolled out new IOT devices called Google home and Amazon Echo these are government Spy devices that are already being used in court to convict people.  Do not buy any of the IOT devices that are being pushed unless you want to tighten the shackles of tyranny on your life.

It’s bad now think about how bad it will get with the IOT.

A lot of these things are becoming true today and it will be so much worse if we let IOT take over our lives.  It is very scary to think about.  The masses will embrace IOT.  So you should be one of the smart ones and not fall for the scam of IOT let me tell you one thing this choice will not make your life easier and you will be ridiculed and mocked for your choice not to embrace IOT but you can give into the pressure and be coward or you can fight for freedom and hope that your children will become free from this system of enslavement.

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