Smart homes the next assault on humanity

When you visit the home improvement store you will find a great number of smart home products such as light bulbs that can be controlled by your smart phone, internet connected garage door openers, Smart thermostats, Bluetooth door locks and lots of other things that will make your home a “smart” home.  But is all this technology really that smart after all? NO IT IS NOT SMART!! When you add all of these gadgets to your home you are throwing your privacy down the toilet and helping to usher in a Orwellian control/spy grid that will be used for nefarious purposes.  I have done other articles on the destructive Internet of things that is being rolled out but I wanted to devote an article to the smart home agenda that will lead to IOT which will then lead to trans humanism AKA the total enslavement and destruction of humanity.  The other night I was listening to the radio and a tuned into NPR AKA fake radio and there was an interview with the CEO of Qualcomm And he was advocating IOT and trans humanism.  It is then that I realized that there needs to be more work done exposing IOT and trans humanism so that this agenda does not succeed.

Here are a few reasons why smart homes are bad.

1 More vulnerability

When you make you home a ”Smart” home you make your self vulnerable to criminals and hackers.

2 No more privacy

You throw your privacy down the toilet when you make your home ”smart” now you may say I have nothing to hide!  But that is a foolish thing to say because if don’t have anything that you want kept private then you are not a good person.  Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google said that if you if there is something you don’t want us to know about then maybe you should not be doing it.  This essentially means if big brother does not approve of your actions then you should not be doing them.

3 You make laziness even easier

One of the main reasons why you buy all these smart home gadgets and smart phone controlled stuff is because you are lazy and want to sit on your ass and not have to move or think about the things you are doing. You may deny this but it’s the truth.

4 losing touch with reality

You will disconnect your self from reality and stop thinking and let your gadgets think for you because you are so disconnected with reality that you don’t want to put your self back into reality and turn of the light or answer the door.

5 More exposure to harmful EMF radiation

Most smart home gadgets work over WiFi and cellphone signals so this will only add to the attacks on your health when you have your home buzzing with internet connected ”Smart” things.

There is a mentality that putting a microchip in something and connecting it will make it smart but this is very dumb.

The smarter your home gets the dumber you get.  We are living with the dumbest generation of all time and there is no denying that we are living in the Idiocracy.

A lot of smart home/IOT products come from Kickstarter you will find smart forks, internet connected watering cans, Bluetooth water bottles and the list goes on with many other insane products.

The powers that be have recently sneaked smart meters into almost every home so that their smart grid will connect with your smart home and make it so they can monitor, control, and destroy your life.

The Smart home agenda is being rolled out and if we don’t stand up now and draw the line then we will be destroyed!

There are many other things relating to this subject such as self driving cars, virtual reality, the surveillance state, and singularity. So if you want to learn more about these other threats to humanity then please visit my website and subscribe to be updated when ever I post. This is a useful resource to learn about the dangers of smart meters. This is another article of ours on IOT.

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Top 10 reasons why Facebook is for suckers

After some time I decided to get a Facebook page to see what it was like, and in a short time I have found that Facebook is an awful website created for suckers.  Now let me make this clear I do not think that everyone on Facebook is a sucker. There are good people who are on Facebook that are not suckers but just people who wanted to try to bring some decency to Facebook. But that effort has failed and Facebook must be abandoned!

Here are ten reasons why Facebook was created and is run for suckers.

1 Facebook is a data mining operation to get as much data on you as they can

On my Facebook page I have put as little data as I can. I have not put any pictures of my self or any pictures that I took on my page. Also I have not put my location on Facebook but they can just look up my IP address and find my location but at least it’s not right in the open for everybody to see.  I do not think that you are going to be able to hide your identity and be all super stealth by not using Facebook but you still should not go on Facebook and put tons of your info up.

2 Facebook is A huge waste of time

I can’t really spend too much time of Facebook because the site is so darn awful and there is so much crap on there.  But for many people they waste hours and hours on Facebook posting stupid pictures and to all mater of other time-wasting crap. This is why Facebook is for suckers and dumb people who like to waste tons of time.

3 Most content on Facebook is BS

Stupid memes, fake bullshit drama, and fake BS corporate news.  Yes there is some alt media on Facebook but a lot of the real stuff is censored and a lot of its disinformation.  I really do get sick seeing all the BS on Facebook but after all Facebook was created for suckers and people who like BS.

4 Facebook censorship

It is a fact that Facebook censors views that are not in alignment with MSM. That does not mean that you can’t see anything truthful on Facebook but most of the things that you see on Facebook you are meant to see because that is what they want you to think about and spend your time on.

5 It’s social conditioning

A lot of the things that you see on Facebook are social conditioning to program you into the embracing the NWO.  Facebook also likes to emotionally manipulate it’s users.

6 It ruins true real life relationships

This may not affect everyone but a lot of people who are with their friends and family but don’t really interact and build relationships but use their smart phone to browse Facebook.

7 It’s a hub for selfie culture

It creates a selfish culture where you put your self above others and have huge urge to post selfies and other things that center around your narcissism.

8 It’s the worst out of a lot of other good social networking sites

I do not have that much experience with sites like Twitter but from what I have heard it is pretty awful. But I have an account on and it seems to be a lot better than Facebook. So I would advise that if you want to use a social network that you sign up for one like or one of the other alternatives to Facebook.

9 No anonymity

With Facebook they have very stupid policies requiring you to use your real name which is a very bad thing.

10 You are supporting very bad things 

Facebook was created by the CIA/NSA to spy on people and program them into embracing the NWO and when you use Facebook you are paying for your enslavement and destruction.

Facebook sucks! Mark Suckerberg is a scumbag! Leave Facebook behind for all the dumb Sheeple suckers to use!

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The coming IOT nightmare

Right now there seems to be a lot of talk and hype about the internet of things most of what you hear is that it’s going to be the future and that it will make your life so much easier, but after you think about it for a little while you will see that it is going to be a horrible nightmare to live with IOT.  This is a very troubling thing to think about and with the rise of virtual reality it’s looking pretty dark.  Also you can see the increasing war on cash that is coming and it’s not going to be pretty.  That’s why we need to spread the word about this so people will not fall for this junk.  Now if you don’t see just why IOT is bad for you then you need to read the rest of this article.

IOT is a “Good” idea

Now you may be think why would I say that IOT is a good idea when I’m so opposed to it but the truth is that it is going to fulfill its’ designated purpose and it will be good for those that created it but it is not going to be good for you. There is an NWO agenda behind IOT and it will be good for its NWO purpose but it will be a nightmare for you if you go along with it.

IOT is very destructive

You will learn after using the computer and the internet for some times that there are many things that can and do go wrong so if you integrate the internet into every aspect of your life then you are going to have major problems that can not be solved by just unplugging your computer.

IOT will open a huge window for hackers and criminals to have even more power over your life it is very scary to think about how much more vulnerable your life will become. And anyone that says they will be able to build IOT so that it is 100% bulletproof to these dangers is lying.

The government will require that back-doors be built into every IOT device.

The surveillance state now is pretty Orwellian but if IOT is mainstreamed it will be out of this world.

As I am typing this the internet just went out that shows how vulnerable the internet is.

The whole idea behind IOT is just to feed our selfish lazy ways and there are some things that might appear to be good one the surface but after you look a little deeper you will see that IOT will be very destructive.

Now you may have seen a lot of videos and articles saying how great it will be to control your home with your smart phone but it’s retarded if you really think about it.  Now they will do anything to push this IOT/trans humanist agenda but that’s because they are EVIL.  IOT is a NWO agenda that will bring about even more enslavement.  Even if IOT was not a NWO program it is still a very stupid and dangerous thing that will lead to destruction.

Please spread this message to your friends and family so that more people will see that IOT is a very bad thing, and that there will be more people who will resist IOT so that we don’t have to go though this nightmare.  I don’t think we will be able to halt IOT in its’ tracks but more people can get prepared to go of grid when they start mandating that IOT gadgets be installed in your home if you want to stay connected to the grid.  Just like they tried to do with the Amish having to get smoke alarms in their homes.

Now you may think that I’m a hypocrite for being so anti IOT but still using the internet to post this content but I’m not saying that the internet is a horrible thing it’s just that connecting it to everything is a really horrible idea.

It’s pretty hard to live without the internet unless you join or form some sort of community that can sustain itself like it was in the good old days when that sort of thing was everywhere.  That’s why we need to get this message out so that it does not become that way with IOT.

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The wonders of dehydrating food

There is so much that can be done with a food dehydrator from fruit leather to dried greens, chips and more! Dehydrating is a great way to store food and it is a fun way to process your food.

There are tons of recipes and information you can find on the internet and in cook books but we will just go over the basics and give you some ideas.

Almost any food can be dehydrated but some work better then others so choose what works with your dehydrator. If you don’t already have a food dehydrator then here are some tips on picking out the right one for you.

We own two different dehydrators one is an Excalibur and the other is Nesco GardenMaster.

These are two very different dehydrators but they can do a lot of the same things. The Nesco GardenMaster is a circular dehydrator with sections that stack on top of each other to form a tower.

On the other hand the Excalibur is a box dehydrator with trays that slide in and out. This makes it possible to dehydrate larger things like breads and use it as a low temp oven of sorts to warm up raw food and make other raw recipes.

If you do not heat your food over 116-118 degrees it is still consider raw food so if you are on a raw diet then dehydrating is something you will run into.

Greens are great for dehydrating and they are handy when you don’t have fresh greens and want to add some to a recipe. You can also make homemade fruit leather and other healthy snacks!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Kale chips (these super healthy snacks are fun to make and can be customized to your tastes.)

Fruit leather (this is a nice way to use extra fruit and make a great snack!)

Dried greens (kale, arugula, Swiss chard, and many more can be dehydrated and used in soups and hot dishes when you don’t have fresh. And you can dry your greens and make a powder to add to a smoothie.)

Berries (many different kinds of berries can be dehydrated and put in trail mix, cookies, bars, and more!)

Well we hope that gave you some ideas to try out! This is just the beginning, you can learn lots more from books and the internet so to get recipes and more information just do a web search or go to the library to find some books.

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The future of alternative fibers and clothing

When you visit a shopping mall, clothing store or other outfit you are surrounded by lots of bright colors and textures of this year’s latest fashion from new athletic shorts, T shirts and much more.  But do you ever wonder where we are going with all of this clothing, are we just buying to stay current with today’s style or is it that we just need a new shirt?

How will the next 20 years change the way we dress?  One thing that has exploded in the last couple of years is the rise in synthetic oil based clothing.  There may be some advantages to this type of clothing but there are lots of things to be concerned about. There are also some concerns regrading GMO cotton and it’s health effects but that is not something that will be covered right now but you can look into that your self if you would like learn more about that.

These types of clothing can cause negative health affects. Do your own research and decide what you think. But that is not the main subject of this article, we just would like to show you flaws that need improvement so that we may advance into the future of apparel with a greater outcome.


Polyester and nylon fabrics can melt to skin if exposed to fire and high heat. Hot melting fabric attached to your skin is not a good thing but on the other hand, cotton will turn to ash and fall off of your skin. But you may ask, “my sleepwear is treated with toxic flame retardant chemicals am I okay now?” Well maybe in one way but if you have toxic chemicals leaching into your body you are not.


Synthetic clothing is usually made of oil so that means that to obtain this material we will pollute the earth in more ways and have less to fuel for our many means of transportation (even though we should not be using this type of fuel in the first place but instead take advantage of the many clean alternatives that we have).


Some clothing that is made of synthetic fabric will hold static charges that are made when taking off clothing. This is not a big factor but there are some ways that this may be harmful to you. See this website for more info and to learn about the other health affects of synthetic clothing.


Please note that is article is for educational purposes and we would like you to to do your own investigations on this subject so that you may have a clear and wide range perspective on this subject.  We have not done testing to confirm these claims but this is our conclusion on this topic.

An outlook on what is to come in the world of clothing

The future of the way we dress is changing in so may ways. Some of the new things that may be more common in the future are:

3D printed clothing, seamless apparel, self repairing and cleaning clothing, spray on clothing, micro fiber, E-textiles, and much more! Also we may find a rise in alternative fibers not just old cotton. Find more info on alternative fibers and other clothing technologies below.

Here is a list of some alternative fibers and their uses.

Stinging Nettle

Most people wouldn’t even think of stinging nettle as a fiber option, but it may promise a bright future for clothing and other uses. You may have this plant in your back yard, but most of us try to stay away from it; but the leaves are very nutritious to eat and the stalks can be used to make fabric. To learn more about nettle fiber please visit these two links.


Hemp is more common then some of the other alternative fibers but it is most commonly thought of as cord for craft projects and for food. But there are so many more uses for the miracle crop like plastic, paper, fabric, and much more. You might have a shirt or other clothing made of hemp but there is a lot more that can be done with this fiber to progress the clothing industry.


There are some fabric items made of this material but much more can be done with this crop. This is a great resource for Asian countries so that they may not have to use cotton and have there own alternative clothing resources.

Soybean protein

At first you may be surprised but they can make fabric out of soybeans!

I do not know what process they use to obtain fibers out of soybeans but there is a lot of things that can be made from soybeans so I’m not surprised.


This was a very common fiber option at one time but the invention of the cotton gin made cotton king! But now with the advanced technologies that we have today we can use this ancient fiber to our advantage.


Some researchers have created a new kind of fiber made out of corn leaves but they need more funding to launch this into the public. So this may be another option for us.

The website below also talks about other alternative materials that can be made into clothing like milk and crabs, yes I said crabs the thing that walks around on the beach!

If you would like to learn more about alternative fibers please check out this link.

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