Abolish woman’s right to vote now!

Feminism is something that is under big attack right now by the Alt-Right, we find this to be very disturbing.

Feminism is a great example of what happens when women are freed from the patriarchy and are not oppressed by evil white men.  How did we get this far? The war on women is still raging strong but at least women have the right to vote so that the men don’t take over and kill all the women.

Equality is something that can not be turned away from, if we don’t have equality then women will cease to exist and bigotry will win.  We can’t let that happen because social justice requires that we fight the force of evil called white heterosexual men.

With the power of science we will be able to artificially fertilize woman’s wombs with woman generating chemicals.  No more need to have pesky men around because we are living in the future and it’s a new age! You should be overjoyed!

World peace will be everywhere because we all know the fact that women never start wars.  It’s an exclusive trait of white men to get into conflicts.

When ever women get into conflicts men are always behind them.  Don’t be deceived be racist bigots like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now you may be asking why the heck is this article called abolish woman’s right to vote?

First woman is just an idea, gender is bullshit made up by the EWM/Evil White Men.  So that has it women don’t exist so why would something that does not exist need to right to vote?

Thanks for reading this far!  The top part of this article is just showcasing the pure insanity of every type of feminism.  Now your going to say you mean you are against the suffragette movement?  We all know that the suffragette movement was a great thing and that it is the feminism that we have now that is so toxic.

Well we are sorry to pour some cold water done your back but the truth is the suffragette movement was just as toxic as the feminism we have now.

Lets look at the history of the suffragette movement and show you how it was a really bad thing.

Back in the 1900s women where getting tired of being abused by men and having far less rights so they thought this is not fair we should be equal with men.

Did you just buy that line of BS?  Well if you did then your dumb.  We know that you feel you’re a very intelligent person but to tell you the truth your head is filled with silly ideas and lies that have no basis in reality.

We know that you’re getting very offended but that’s a good thing!

The suffragette movement is one of the most evil things that the powers that should not be have carried out!

The Rockefeller dynasty funded the suffragette movement so that they could rake in uncountable amounts of money by use of one of their most evil methods of control which is called theft/taxation.

The whole idea behind the suffragette movement was to destroy society by destroying the family structure and getting women to put themselves into to slavery for the state.

You have been so deceived that you are fighting for your own destruction.                       The American dream is nothing more than a big hoax set up to lead you back into your shackles.

The USA was set up by the Freemasons and its owned by Israel.  The Zionist coup d’etat happened a long time ago!

The only way that you can escape from the elite control grid is to stop being a mind-controlled slave.

People these days are not really human with all the poison they are feed and live in.

The masses are going to be begging to give up the real human that is still left in them and replace themselves with robotics.  Test tube babies are coming in no time and if that does not scare the crap out of you then wake up!

We could go on for years about how horrible the suffragette movement was but that is something that you should research your self.

Now the reason why woman should not vote is because no one should be voting! It’s criminal to support the state!

If you must ever vote it must be to downsize the government and remove regulations. The big elections are all rigged and bullshit and much of the local elections are a waste of time because it’s one 1 freedom loving person to a 100 shitizens!

If we have to have a government then it should never be a democracy!

Look at the USA inc we have had democracy and look where it got us!  Even though democracy is bad we don’t have any whatsoever in this country and all the other big supper power ZOGs.

Your vote does not count and it does nothing but let this NWO reach it’s tentacles tighter around you and the rest of the world.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a scumbag liar and Zionist shill that is working for the elite to screw you over!

You have got to be really dumb to think that a legit person would rise that high up in the media and be famous.

They hate you with a passion and they will do anything to depopulate you!

WAKE UP!  DON’T TAKE THE RED PILL!  RED PILL IS 100% bullshit and you’re a fool like Tim Fool the tool if you take the RED PILL!

The franchise must end!

Copyright by The Unfake Media 2017


10 thoughts on “Abolish woman’s right to vote now!

  1. Women who feel oppressed feel oppressed because of that thing that lives in the bottom of their abdomens: the womb! (uterus, for you Latinists) Without the womb the human species would all be gone in a century or so (for better or for worse, depending on your outlook). Since men don’t have wombs, we can’t keep our kind, both male and female, going.
    Many women resent that men get 30 seconds of enjoyment but women get 9 months of pregnancy plus, if they are good mothers, months of nursing the baby (sometimes 2 or more at the same time) and a couple of decades of nurturing whether Daddy is still around or not.
    The feminist quest for “equality” is a pointless endeavor. Ain’t gonna happen. Women are always going to be the incubators. They are saddled or blessed (depending on attitude) by nature with this task.

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  2. It’s the ONLY great thing that women can do. Reproduction, caring for children up to about 10 for girls and 12 for boys, keeping house, cooking, cleaning, serving her master, is what women are for. Everything else that women do or can do is done as well or better by men. Name ONE. ONE other thing that women do better than men.
    See? I told you. And you already knew it.


      1. Doesn’t matter. Anything other than what was mentioned above (“HarryS,” 10-14-17) can be done as well or better by men. Women are female to reproduce and nurture. That women can do things that men do isn’t because they are female. It’s because they are human beings.
        Subordination doesn’t mean inferiority in a deprecatory sense. Women are necessary to the continuation of humankind.


      1. Certainly female human beings can do many things well besides reproduce, care for children and the home, and serve men. But they don’t do those things because they are female. They may even use their femaleness as leverage, as many of the women who Weiner exploited sexually used their sexuality to wangle their way into acting. They willingly exploited their sexuality to gain an advantage over more principled women. Now that they are older and losing their youthful attributes, they seek to extract money, revenge or both out of him.
        What can women do that they could not do, or do as well, as men that does not involve their sexual/gender related attributes?


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