MGTOW is moronic

Something that has gained popularity recently is Men Going Their Own Way.  Part of this has to do with the fact that feminism has made some women to be really horrible people who men don’t want to be around. So when men get feed up with the BS from feminists, some decide that they should just give up on women and go their own way.  Some may think this is a good thing to do since they have only been around these type of women. This MGTOW movement is just part of the greater agenda to destroy the family and depopulate the planet.  The other big part of this agenda is the LGBT agenda that pushes the abandoning of true marriage and the pursuit of narcissistic degeneracy.  Something big in the MGTOW movement is the term red pill aka waking up to the truth of how things are.

The Red pill deception comes from the Zionist Hollywood mind control movie called The Matrix which was made by the Wachowski brothers now known as the Wachowski sisters.  Click here to check out our post regarding the Red pill scam.

This insanity of transgender-ism all ties back to the LGBT agenda to destroy the family and cull the herd.

We will agree that men should abandon interactions with Feminist fanatics but that does not mean that you should throw out the baby with the bath water.

MGTOW morons say that all women can not be trusted and that you should not have relationships with them.  This idea is simply moronic and illogical.  You should not go your own way you should find a good woman and start a family and live a self-sufficient life.

Why have men been so neutered that they would embrace a pathetic ideology like MGTOW?  One of the big factors that has been making men less like men is all the chemicals that are being pumped into the food and everywhere else in the environment also something that might play an even bigger role is the media and how it programs men and woman to switch roles not have families and be self-obsessed narcissistic morons.

Some people choose to be single, and that is fine but you should not be going around and poisoning young minds with lies and anti-family ideologies that lead many people to live unhappy angry lives filled with hate and ignorance.

It might be tricky to find wholesome women in these super leftist hellhole cities but if that is the case you should leave and go live in the country or in a small town you will not only be around more sane people but you will be less exposed to all the toxicity that the city produces and will be much better off when the shit hits the fan. The agenda of the NWO is to push people into the smart mega cities and keep them from being independent and self-sufficient.

We need to stop tolerating this stupid movement and treat people who follow it just like feminists and SJW fanatics.

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