The paperless scam

In this modern age we hear about why everyone should go paperless and use tablets and smart phones for everything and use as little paper as possible.  Also we hear all the hype about how great e-books are and how paper is going to die out.  What is pushing this change?  The sustainable development folks will rage on about how we are destroying the world by using so much paper.  But sustainable development is an agenda of the NWO and if we want to achieve sustainability we must abolish the globalist cities created by the NWO to imprison you.  We must return to the land and have a mass exodus from these mega cities.

This move to paperless tech is all part of the negative progress that has been bringing us closer to the full establishment of the global NWO government.

But lets look behind all the rambling and see what the real benefits and dangers of going paperless are.

When everything is made digital it makes it much easier for content to be erased.  If you have all of your data stored on your computer then it can be erased remotely but with paper copies there is a lot more effort involved in disposing of controversial material.

We think that e-books have a place and it is nice to be able to distribute content with little cost compared to paper copies but that does not mean that everything should be made digital.

We plan to have some e-books on TUM and it is good to be able to get real media out with little cost but we will have it set up so that you can print the e-books out so that you have a hard copy.

Reading all your books on the computer or an e-reader is harmful for your eyes and health.

Studies have shown that people get more out of reading paper books than e-books.

Book burning will be as easy as clicking a button and TPTB can access your computer even if it is not connected to the internet.  If an EMP ever happens you will lose all your paperless data unless you have a Faraday cage to protect your data but hardly anybody has done this.

Reading good books is one of the best things we can do and if more people would be reading books then watching TV and consuming other filthy brainwashing we would not have this generation being the dumbest of all time.  Not all books are good and there are many bad books that have been put out by the new world order to fill you up with lies.

When you read paper books you have far less distraction then you do when you read them on an e-reader or other device.  So many things to click off on and be distracted with that it makes it less beneficial.

Lots of stores are stating to just send you their receipts via email or some other digital method this is not a good thing because they are using this data to add more and more information to the profile they have created for you.  They might know stuff about you that you don’t even know.  Do not leave a digital trail behind your self.  Keep your pictures off the internet and realize that if you put it on the internet they have it.

This paperless scam is also part of the surveillance police state that is in power right now they want to control everything.  They are the ultimate control freaks that see you as a cockroach that needs to be exterminated.

An internet ID is coming and you better be prepared to get off the internet when it comes out.  We have been able to do a lot of good with the internet but the amount of damage that has been done with the internet far out numbers the good that has been done.

If people really wanted to go after paper waste they would be looking at all the paper packaging that we waste in are materialistic consumerism.  Many a tree has been cut for the selfish vanity of man; you do not need to live in a mansion and build vain structures that waste much more trees than a library of books.  The paper system is not ideal and there are many bad things that go on with the greedy paper companies.  Lots of bad chemicals and things are used when paper is made but it can be said that your tech uses much more destructive chemicals.

This move to a paperless society is part of the greater agenda of the elite control grid.

The most terrifying part of this elite control grid is the cashless global currency they have planed for us.

IOT is another huge part of the elite control grid that ties into the paperless scam.  Click here to see more about IOT.

You don’t live in a matrix you live in an elite control grid called the NWO.  There are many other names you can you use to describe the system that we are living in but the matrix is just the Hollywood created false idea that lots of people are still under.

1984 is not coming it’s here.

Copyright by The Unfake Media 2017


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