Popular Science the disgrace

Popular Science has become a horrible Scientism propaganda outlet that can be considered fake media. It’s nothing more than a fake pseudoscience outlet.

There are so many fake media outlets on the internet and PS is just another example of how most of your media is fake. Now here are a few reasons why PS is nothing but pure propaganda and mind rot.

Global warming fear mongering

Most of the mainstream corporate media are spewing this nonsense but PS seems to be pretty in bed with the global warming scam.

GMO Propaganda

PS spews a lot of bullshit about how great GMOs are and how they are going to be the savior and feed a starving planet. There is plenty of food but so much is wasted because of the throw away culture and there would be abundance of food if more people would have small farms instead of living in cities. If you’re pro GMO you are an enemy of the earth and humanity.

GMOs are a tool to make big profits for big chemical companies and a way to cull the herd and destroy the planet.

Vaccine Propaganda

PS is full on board with pharmaceutical cartels and all the other vaccine pushing PRO Dysgenics PRO depopulation outlets. There is a plethora of information you can find about the dangers of vaccines but if your still in the dark about something like this then you need help to wake up from your mind control.

PS has disabled comments on their website because they say comments are bad for ‘science’ but the truth is that people are starting to call them out on their bullshit and they don’t want people learning the truth.

We have seen few PS magazines and most of the magazine is garbage there are a few neat things but most of it’s all junk.

We have also noticed that the magazine has ads for cigarettes and other things known to cause cancer so if they are so PRO science then why do they promote things proven by science to cause cancer. Very hypocritical if you ask me but that’s what you come to expect from the sellout media.

It’s not really that big of a deal that they pulled the comments it’s their website they can do what ever they want but when you see all the nasty stuff they push then maybe you should realize that it’s time cancel your subscription and never give them another cent.

PS is A pretty old magazine where not sure if they where rotten from the start but they sure are now!

Never give money to these sellouts unless you want to help destroy the world.


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