Get off the Trump train!

Most of the alt media has jumped on the Trump train and there is no coming back! People have fallen for the Trump deception and have been dragged back into the false left/right paradigm.

It’s all divide and conquer so that TPTB can bring in their globalist agenda well everyone is distracted by the show.

Seeing how many people who have fallen for the Trump deception shows how most people that claim to be awake are still sound asleep.  People that have been instrumental in the Trump deception are known Zionist agents like Alex Jones and Mark Dice.  There are many other alt media characters involved in the Trump deception but Alex Jones has been huge in deceiving many people in to the Trump deception!  Now people will say but look at the good Trump has done!  Yes it is true that Trump has done some good but that does not change the fact that it is still a deception. Very wicked people still do some good.

Another group that has been big in pushing Trump is the Alt-right a controlled false movement!

Not everyone on the Alt-Right is and agent and there are some good people who call themselves Alt-Right. But most of the big players on the Alt-Right are controlled.

The Alt-Right has been using Pepe as their symbol and Pepe is based on KEK an androgynous occult symbol.  If you see someone using Pepe as their profile picture you can assume that they are a shill or ignorant!

Ssomething else that is ironic is that the creator of Pepe is a left-wing fanatic that created Pepe to be a degenerate.

It is insane how dumb people have become to fall into the bullshit of the Trump deception.  People post lots of memes on social media with Pepe and this shows that the majority of people are under mass mind control.  Another instrumental thing in bringing about this deception is the insane SJW left-wing fanatics that are triggering people into thinking look at how insane and dangerous these morons are.  Lets get Trump elected and he will stop all this insanity but this is all a scam!

There are so many false roads that people are being led down and there is not a mass awaking going on but a shift from one type of mind control to another.

Trump was selected not elected don’t fall for the lies! Your vote does not count and you are being led to the slaughter!

This post is in no way supportive of the other scumabgs like Bernie and Hillary.

Trump is the most pro Zionist president ever! Just watch some of the videos with him saying how great Israel is.

Trump is also a friends with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

There are lots more that you can dig up on Trump but don’t waste too much time on it because there are lots of other things that should be looked into.

Trump has not drained the swamp but filled his administration with Goldman Sachs scum and CFR agents.  Trump will never make America great again the only way for that to happen is if you do your part to make America great.  Voting does nothing but further the illusion that the puppet masters want you to believe.

Tons of people have went on the Trump train because they are weak and want to deny the reality of who is running the show.

People are lazy and they don’t want to change their own life style and think that the Government can solve their problems by building a wall.  The truth is it’s not going to help us to have a cage built around us.

The reason the world is so screwed up is because the majority of people are dumb lazy sheeple that don’t want to have responsibility or take care of them selves but rely on the Government.

There are lots of good people who are Trump supporters they are just a little slow on seeing the reality of how things really work.

Now please don’t keep riding the Trump train because it’s not going to be fun when it crashes.  There is no need to keep your self stuck in the false left/right paradigm.  If you like being manipulated then stay but if you want to be free then leave.

This article was written before Trump started bombing the middle east.  And now his actions have confirmed that he is nothing more than a puppet.  Trump has been shown to be fully controlled and has admitted to being a globalist.  Russia did not get Donald Trump elected Israel did; the Zionists are behind Trump.

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