The fake alternative media

There is a growing number of people who have little trust in the corporate media.  The elite know this so they have cleverly crafted a fake alternative media to program the people who don’t follow the corporate fake media because they don’t want to lose control.  Some of the alt media is good but the majority is just as bad as the corporate fake media.  You should do all that you can to support real alt-media but do not be deceived by the fake Zionist alt-media.

They have been using the media for years to program people into the NWO, and they are continuing their agendas with the fake alternative media they have created.  The popular established alt media is fake and 100% controlled.

At one time people felt that YouTube was an alternative to what you would see on the TV and that it was the future and that TV was going to die.  This might have been true at one time but if you go on YouTube now you will find that all of the popular content is absolute filth and NWO programming.

YouTube is 100% percent controlled not everything on YouTube is NWO content but the quality content is suppressed and gets hardly any views.

Google the company that owns YouTube is a player in many NWO agendas such as the surveillance state, LGBT agenda, trans humanism, IOT, virtual reality, And Promoting NWO programming.

Something that can be said is that the internet is 90 percent bullshit and this is becoming more and more obvious.  TV is 99.99% bullshit and internet is almost as bad; so that is why it is so important to not consume fake corporate media and fake alt media.

One of the ways that they spread their propaganda is by setting up so-called independent blogs because people see that what they see on the corporate media is so fake.  So they think this looks like an independent blog that does not have corporate or governmental interests.  One of the most obvious places you will see this is in the debunking blogs that are claimed to be run by skeptics that counter the anti-science conspiracy theorists plaguing the internet.  All of these sites are part of the cult of Scientism and love to pedal the junk pseudo science of the establishment.  There is also a huge amount of fake conspiracies that are put out by agents to muddy the waters with endless lies and distractions from real conspiracies.

Another place this infiltration is seen is the SJW critics that don’t tell you the whole truth and gate keep you from learning about the NWO.  The skeptic community is a huge deception of frauds and liars that are NWO setups.

You need to always be cautious of media’ don’t just believe anything research it yourself and make up your own opinion.

The NWO has many tricks up its sleeves and you need to be aware of all the sneaky ways they control you so that you can protect your mind and body from their poison.

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3 thoughts on “The fake alternative media

  1. Great points you make. And, the BS put out by the powers that seek to control us is not limited to the news and current science. History is mostly propaganda and fable now. (We have taken on a few of the taboo subjects over on our blog.) Be skeptical of what passes for history.


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