Virtual reality the next tool of the new world order

People these days can not go a day with out there heads stuck in their smart phones this is a very disturbing thing but it will get much worse with the advent of VR.  One of the most covered VR headsets has been the Oculus Rift created by Palmer lucky.  Not that long after the Oculus Rift was starting to gain a lot of media attention it was purchased by the hideous corporation known as Facebook.

A lot of the corporate media is all on board with promoting VR and they tell you that VR will help many people and it can be used to teach, educate, and entertain.  But the number one use of VR will be to program control and brainwash the masses even further into the NWO.  VR might  become almost indistinguishable from reality.

Most people now are living in a state of controlled reality and VR will take it to an even higher level.

If you have cable television cut the cable now!  Unplug your self from the mind control of the corporate media and the fake alternative media!

Do not buy your kids VR headsets and don’t even buy one for your self.  It will save you from wasting lots of time and money. You also do not want to support this attack on reality from the NWO.

The sellouts on YouTube will sell you these VR headsets and tell you how wonderful they are.  But they are placed there for a purpose.  YouTube is not organic and the content that is promoted by YouTube is the content that they want you to be consuming.

After VR has become mainstreamed they will bring on trans humanism.  They are already selling you trans humanism but they will use VR to sell it to you even more.

We need to get back into nature and get away from our tech more and VR will make it even harder for people to get back to the land and enjoy creation. This is a tool of the NWO and we must not allow them to use it on us or others.

Much destruction will be brought about from VR and the people behind VR are not good people they are very bad people who want to bring about the full creation of a global government.

Video games right now are being used massively to program the youth into the many agendas of the new world order.  It is also a huge waste of time to rot your mind by playing endless hours of video games.  If you want to play some video games in moderation it is okay but you still need to guard your self and your children from the harmful programming contained in most popular video games.

The very popular video game Pokemon go is an example of the destruction that will come from VR, there have already been 14 deaths from Pokemon go and lots of injuries. Most of the these fatalities linked with Pokemon go are more connected with the stupidity of the players, but the game is also being used for many other nefarious purposes like spying, tracking and seeing just how dumb the masses really are.  Pokemon go is considered augmented reality which might turn out to be even more dangerous than VR but they are booth similar in their objective.  Some VR headsets can also lead to eye damage.

VR will only intensify the harm that is being done right now by video games.

They also have VR porn that will pollute minds with more destructive degeneracy.

There might be some good things that can be done with VR but for the most part it will be garbage mind control and conditioning.

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