Why the internet of things is bad for humanity

The internet of things has become the new rage and the media has been pushing it on us and lots of people think it’s so awesome and that it will help to make our lives easier and keep us safe and empower us.  But the truth is that the internet of things will destroy society and enslave us to the powers that be.  Here  are ten reasons why the internet of things is bad for our freedom and humanity.

1 The internet of things will make us lazy and stupid

We can see the proof of how dumb technology can make us with the smart phone generation that can’t even function without their Smartphones.  And if the internet of things catches on you will see even more of this stupidity and laziness.  People have become very lazy and dependent on technology and it hurts to think about all the people who can’t do basic tasks without hi-tech technology.

2 Less self-reliance

IOT will make us even more reliant on technology and less self-reliant.  If the power was shut off in a big city or even in some small towns all hell would break loose and lots of people would be totally screwed because that don’t know how to function without electricity and the internet.  With IOT it will be 10 times worse!

3 All privacy will be gone in the age of IOT

Now days we see cameras everywhere and privacy is becoming very rare and if all of are everyday things are connected to the internet privacy will be non-existent.  Lots of people claim that there will be encryption and such to protect your privacy are you kidding me? back-doors will be built into everything and it will be required by law.

4 Are lives will become more vulnerable to criminals

The people pushing IOT love to tell us all the crimes that will be prevented with IOT and how safe we will become but we can see that is a big lie.  Look at all the new IOT cars and how hackers can unlock your car though the internet and put your brakes on.  In an IOT world we would be far less secure and life would become a nightmare.

5 Freedom of speech will become a thing of the past

We can see the proof of this right in front of our eyes as we come closer to an IOT world. Internet censorship is growing and the controls on what we can and can not say are becoming tighter.  Now we still have some freedom on the internet, and the internet has helped us to spread information but the tide is turning and the best part of the internet will be gone.  In an IOT world the worst censorship of the internet will become part of all our lives.

6 Big brother will control every part of your life.

Big brother has become very controlling now and if IOT becomes realty they will police everything they can and if you step out of line they will pin point you in minutes and have you removed.

7 IOT would still be bad if there was no agenda behind it.

Lots of people can see the nefarious reasons for IOT but even if IOT had no ill intent behind its creation it would still be bad for humanity.  Having robots and smart things do everything for you will make you a weak person good hard work is a great blessing that helps to shape you and make you a stronger person but if we let robots and smart things do everything for us we are not living we are nothing but a cog in the machine. Becoming cyborg is not something to be proud of and if you think it is you are a disgusting sellout and a disgrace to human kind and nature.  IOT will lead to singularity AKA total enslavement to the elite.

8 Less reliability

The more we make things electronic and internet connected the more ways they can fail. Here is a simple example.  A bicycle is much simpler and does not fail as much as a car with all of its fancy electronics and mechanisms. So if we put electronics and internet connectivity in to everything there are going to be lots more things that can fail and go wrong.

9 Things will become less modifiable

Some IOT pushers love to tell us how lots of IOT things will become open source and that we will be able to modify and change things to make them the way we want them to be but the truth is you can not make money that way and we can see how the computer used to be more open to modification but now days computers are very closed and you can not change things and if you do then you will void the warranty.  When everything is connected to the internet we will have less freedom to modify and change things and when we do they will just shut the product down from the internet if you tamper with it. Back in the old days things were made to be fixed and changed by the owner so you could make things more secure and better suited for you.

10 Property rights will fade into the past

Tesla’s new IOT car will have restrictions on how you can use it and they will not allow you to use it for services like Uber but you can only use it with their network.  So basically you don’t really own your car but you just license it from Tesla. This will extend into lots of other IOT products and your property rights will be gone.  Here is a link to another article we have about self driving smart IOT cars and the nightmare that will come from that.

Amazon and Google have recently rolled out new IOT devices called Google home and Amazon Echo these are government Spy devices that are already being used in court to convict people.  Do not buy any of the IOT devices that are being pushed unless you want to tighten the shackles of tyranny on your life.

It’s bad now think about how bad it will get with the IOT.

A lot of these things are becoming true today and it will be so much worse if we let IOT take over our lives.  It is very scary to think about.  The masses will embrace IOT.  So you should be one of the smart ones and not fall for the scam of IOT let me tell you one thing this choice will not make your life easier and you will be ridiculed and mocked for your choice not to embrace IOT but you can give into the pressure and be coward or you can fight for freedom and hope that your children will become free from this system of enslavement.

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