Don’t take the Red pill!

When you have someone telling you to take the Red pill they are either ignorant or a deceiver.

The Red pill meme is another trick of Zionist Hollywood.  Red and Blue is also masonic symbolism.

Many people think that taking the Red pill means getting out of the matrix and seeing what is really going on but you are just being gate kept from the whole truth.

Gatekeepers like Stefan Molyneux push the Red pill Blue pill deception.  The Red pill meme is also used by MGTOW fanatics.

The creators of the matrix movie were known as the Wachowski brothers but they are now sisters! according to their transgender delusions.  That should be a dead give away that you are being deceived!

If you are not already clued in on the LGBT agenda then please look into it.  They are promoting the LGBT to depopulate the planet and attack the family.

People like to use the term Red-Pilling to mean waking people up because there is a negative vibe around waking up that was twisted by TPTB.

The deceivers and infiltrators have destroyed words like truth and the concept of waking up.  But that is one of the things they are best at doing.

The colors Red and Blue are also used to represent the false dichotomy of the Left/Right paradigm.  Both sides are controlled by the same puppet masters!

So don’t fall for the tricks of the TPTB and don’t take the Red pill or the Blue pill because they are both harmful pills.  This does not mean that you should not learn about the NWO and seek truth but you should not be controlled by these false ideas.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t take the Red pill!

  1. Thank you for writing this!! People who push “red pill” philosophy are just as brainwashed as those who fall for “social justice warrior” philosophy. For instance, many “red pill” bloggers push their philosophy as the ultimate truth…just like the feminists they claim to be against do. Red pill folk talk about how feminism is a form of government-sponsored brainwashing, and that they are deep thinkers for being able to see through the lies, when really the red pill is the new brainwashing being pushed on the population. It is no secret society like many fancy it to be. I hear people talking about it all the time at bars and sporting events, It is simply the new ideology we are supposed to believe in, to replace feminism, but it is just as harmful.

    You do not have to choose between being a feminist and a red piller, people! Just because you disagree with feminism, does not mean you must “swallow the red pill.”

    (I know there is more to it than feminism, but it does seem like “red pillers” focus on gender issues more than anything else, at least from what I have read).


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