The smart car deception

The Fed has recently proposed a new law mandating that all new cars by 2020 must come equipped with V2V, vehicle to vehicle communications.

This is all done under the guise of safety, but there is a sinister agenda behind V2V.   Smart connected cars are sold as being very convenient because they will have all of these “smart features”

This is just another piece in the Orwellian control grid that is being intensified to a level of total tyranny.

They do not want you to be able to drive your own car and they are using the fake media to prepare you for the future they have in store for you.

The smart car deception is being rolled out right now.

If you visit the car dealer you will find that a lot of new cars have touchscreens and lots of other

”Smart Features” this is all part of the smart car deception.

Self driving cars will be next after smart cars are normalized. Will smart cars be that bad? Well that depends on how bad we let them become. Don’t waste your money and go into debt to buy that new smart car; just buy a used car.

You don’t need to have a smart car it will only put your life more in the grip of horrible corporations and the Government.

When you buy some of these new smart cars such as a Tesla you don’t actually own the car you are just getting a license to use it for some allowable things.

Tesla motors is celebrated by the corporate media as the new car company that is revolutionizing the industry. Tesla motors is a fully on board with smart cars and some of their cars can self park and it will only be a little time before they can drive themselves.

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla motors has said in an interview that he thinks that in the future people will not be able to drive cars unless they are ultra rich. He says that he does not want this to happen but you can’t trust these people.

Google one of the most evil corporations is one of the big players in the push for smart self driving cars. To count all the hideous things that Google has done it would take ages.

Most all cars on the roads today are dependent on electronics and if there was an EMP they would all be stuck on the roads.

With smart cars the Government can press a button to halt any smart car they don’t want to move. The car companies will claim they won’t allow that to happen but this a lie.

The Unfake Media posts a lot of articles for about the dangers of too much technology and how tech is being used to enslave people but this does not mean that I’m totally anti tech. I have a computer and use the internet but I do not have my head stuck in the sand and can see the dangers that technology in can pose.

There are many benefits that technology can bring but there are very bad people who this technology is being used by and if we don’t draw the line in the sand and stand up to things like smart cars and IOT we will be destroyed.

Smart cars are horrible and your media is conditioning you into how great they will be but you should know by now that the corporate media can not be trusted.

I greatly admire people like the Amish because they don’t embrace certain technology because they can see that it will have a negative effect on their community and lives. This it something that the NWO hates they want to lock you into their control grid and they need to use technology to do that. I don’t want to live in a world where you can’t get lost and where your thoughts are being read and checked for thought crimes.

I could go into all the details of how smart cars will be used to further the NWO. But this is good for now.

If you want to go look into how all the technology behind how smart cars work and all the pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place to make smart cars work then please go for it.

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