Smart homes the next assault on humanity

When you visit the home improvement store you will find a great number of smart home products such as light bulbs that can be controlled by your smart phone, internet connected garage door openers, smart thermostats, Bluetooth door locks and lots of other things that will make your home a “smart” home.  But is all this technology really that smart after all? NO IT IS NOT SMART!! When you add all of these gadgets to your home you are throwing your privacy down the toilet and helping to usher in a Orwellian control/spy grid that will be used for nefarious purposes.  I have done other articles on the destructive internet of things that is being rolled out but I wanted to devote an article to the smart home agenda that will lead to IOT which will then lead to trans humanism AKA the total enslavement and destruction of humanity. The other night I was listening to the radio and a tuned into NPR aka fake radio and there was an interview with the CEO of Qualcomm And he was advocating IOT and trans humanism.  It is then that I realized that there needs to be more work done exposing IOT and trans humanism so that this agenda does not succeed.

Here are a few reasons why smart homes are bad.

1 More vulnerability

When you make you home a ”Smart” home you make your self vulnerable to criminals and hackers.

2 No more privacy

You throw your privacy down the toilet when you make your home ”smart” now you may say I have nothing to hide!  But that is a foolish thing to say because if don’t have anything that you want kept private then you are not a good person.  Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google said that if you if there is something you don’t want us to know about then maybe you should not be doing it.  This essentially means if big brother does not approve of your actions then you should not be doing them.

3 You make laziness even easier

One of the main reasons why you buy all these smart home gadgets and smart phone controlled stuff is because you are lazy and want to sit on your ass and not have to move or think about the things you are doing. You may deny this but it’s the truth.

4 losing touch with reality

You will disconnect your self from reality and stop thinking and let your gadgets think for you because you are so disconnected with reality that you don’t want to put your self back into reality and turn of the light or answer the door.

5 More exposure to harmful EMF radiation

Most smart home gadgets work over WiFi and cellphone signals so this will only add to the attacks on your health when you have your home buzzing with internet connected ”Smart” things.

There is a mentality that putting a microchip in something and connecting it will make it smart but this is very dumb.

The smarter your home gets the dumber you get.  We are living with the dumbest generation of all time and there is no denying that we are living in the Idiocracy.

A lot of smart home/IOT products come from Kickstarter you will find smart forks, internet connected watering cans, Bluetooth water bottles and the list goes on with many other insane products.

The powers that be have recently sneaked smart meters into almost every home so that their smart grid will connect with your smart home and make it so they can monitor, control, and destroy your life.

The Smart home agenda is being rolled out and if we don’t stand up now and draw the line then we will be destroyed!

There are many other things relating to this subject such as self driving cars, virtual reality, the surveillance state, and singularity. So if you want to learn more about these other threats to humanity then please visit my website and subscribe to be updated when ever I post. This is a useful resource to learn about the dangers of smart meters. This is another article of ours on IOT.

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