Top 10 reasons why Facebook is for suckers

After some time I decided to get a Facebook page to see what it was like, and in a short time I have found that Facebook is an awful website created for suckers.  Now let me make this clear I do not think that everyone on Facebook is a sucker. There are good people who are on Facebook that are not suckers but just people who wanted to try to bring some decency to Facebook. But that effort has failed and Facebook must be abandoned!

Here are ten reasons why Facebook was created and is run for suckers.

1 Facebook is a data mining operation to get as much data on you as they can

On my Facebook page I have put as little data as I can. I have not put any pictures of my self or any pictures that I took on my page. Also I have not put my location on Facebook but they can just look up my IP address and find my location but at least it’s not right in the open for everybody to see.  I do not think that you are going to be able to hide your identity and be all super stealth by not using Facebook but you still should not go on Facebook and put tons of your info up.

2 Facebook is A huge waste of time

I can’t really spend too much time of Facebook because the site is so darn awful and there is so much crap on there.  But for many people they waste hours and hours on Facebook posting stupid pictures and to all mater of other time-wasting crap. This is why Facebook is for suckers and dumb people who like to waste tons of time.

3 Most content on Facebook is BS

Stupid memes, fake bullshit drama, and fake BS corporate news.  Yes there is some alt media on Facebook but a lot of the real stuff is censored and a lot of its disinformation.  I really do get sick seeing all the BS on Facebook but after all Facebook was created for suckers and people who like BS.

4 Facebook censorship

It is a fact that Facebook censors views that are not in alignment with MSM. That does not mean that you can’t see anything truthful on Facebook but most of the things that you see on Facebook you are meant to see because that is what they want you to think about and spend your time on.

5 It’s social conditioning

A lot of the things that you see on Facebook are social conditioning to program you into the embracing the NWO.  Facebook also likes to emotionally manipulate it’s users.

6 It ruins true real life relationships

This may not affect everyone but a lot of people who are with their friends and family but don’t really interact and build relationships but use their smart phone to browse Facebook.

7 It’s a hub for selfie culture

It creates a selfish culture where you put your self above others and have huge urge to post selfies and other things that center around your narcissism.

8 It’s the worst out of a lot of other good social networking sites

I do not have that much experience with sites like Twitter but from what I have heard it is pretty awful. But I have an account on and it seems to be a lot better than Facebook. So I would advise that if you want to use a social network that you sign up for one like or one of the other alternatives to Facebook.

9 No anonymity

With Facebook they have very stupid policies requiring you to use your real name which is a very bad thing.

10 You are supporting very bad things 

Facebook was created by the CIA/NSA to spy on people and program them into embracing the NWO and when you use Facebook you are paying for your enslavement and destruction.

Facebook sucks! Mark Suckerberg is a scumbag! Leave Facebook behind for all the dumb Sheeple suckers to use!

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