The smart tech agenda EXPOSED!

We have already done a few articles exposing smart cars, the internet of things and virtual reality but seeing how strongly smart tech devices are being pushed we thought it was vital to expose more of the smart tech agenda and the plan to create an elite control grid surveillance system.

Here are some articles that we did that exposed the other technologies being used by the New World Order.

Why the internet of things is bad for humanity

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The smart car deception

Smart speakers are for dumb people!

One of the most popular smart speakers is the Amazon Echo and it’s many iterations.

Amazon has really been coming to the forefront as a major player in the NWO agenda of building an elite control grid.

Amazon has claimed to have sold over 20 million Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Alexa is Amazons version of Siri that is the voice assistant used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers and many other devices.

Right now Amazon has over 5 different Echo smart speakers and claims to have 5,000 people working on Amazon Alexa.

The Echo smart speaker has 7 far field microphones that can pick up your voice well music is playing and with all the smart home devices that are being rolled out it can also control those.

Amazon claims that their Echo devices do not eavesdrop on your conversations but anybody with a mind can see that this is false.  People have already been convicted of crimes from data retrieved from Echo speakers and how hard would it be for the government to frame people by placing false evidence on their smart speaker.

In this age of complete idiocy, people are willingly placing these government wiretapping devices in their homes and they think it is cool and helpful!

Besides that fact that when you buy one of these smart speakers you not only invite the government to listen to everything you say you are also showing how lazy and idiotic you are that you don’t want to get off your ass and turn the light off or do what ever other easy task it at hand but that you have to tell Alexa to do it for you!  You should be ashamed of yourself if you have bought this crap and should toss it all and go ahead and get out that baseball bat and smash that TV of yours to pieces since it is mind-controlling you and programming you into this New World Order.

For those that are unaware there are so many new smart devices coming out that people are buying and becoming dependent on.

Some of these devices are so ridiculous and idiotic that only brain-dead mind-control slaves could possibly think they are a good idea and purchase them.

Here are few of the most outrageous ones.

Smart fork  This is for disgusting fat bodies that need a fork to vibrate so they can know they are eating too fast and too much. Also, some dumb health nuts might find the idea of a fork that vibrates and records eating data something to invest in but if you are truly into health you will understand that if your body is working right it will let you know when you are eating to much and if you have any common sense you will not shovel your food down without chewing it properly.

Smart water bottle  Can connect with your phone and give you information about how much water you drink or how much you should be drinking. The same thing goes as before if you have a working body it will let you know how much water you should drink

Smart watering can  How discontented from nature can you be that you need your watering can to tell you when to water your plants?!

Smart underwear  I don’t even want to think what this does, but it’s idiotic.

Those are some of the dumbest ones but the ones that are really catching on are things that appear to be more useful and cool but they are all really just a part of the NWO elite control spy grid system.

Smart lock  I am starting to see these more and more at the store and online.  It is a hassle to search for lost keys, mess around with opening the door in the dark and making sure you get your keys before you leave your house.  Why not just use your smart phone to unlock your door!  You can even program your smart lock to let contractors in your house well you are away or you can give your friend access and revoke it at any time! They are going to sell this stuff to you like crazy and you might as well fall for it if you are not tuned into what is really going on with the smart tech agenda of the NWO.  They will claim it can’t be done but what is going to stop the government from coming up to your house unlocking your smart lock searching through your house and leaving no trace?  Yes they can pick your lock bust the door down and hold you at gun point but that is not something so easy.  Besides having the number one criminals aka the government searching your home think about how hackers will find a way to unlock your smart lock and take stuff.  Besides all that other stuff there is probably some type of spying device built-in to that smart lock that will invade your privacy even more.  For most people privacy is pretty much a thing of the past but making your home a smart home for the NWO is not something you want to do.

Smart doorbell  Is it not so handy to be able to see who is at your door from your smart phone and communicate with them?  For many of the mind-control slaves of this NWO that would be something very appealing but do you really want even more of your privacy taken away?  You might not comprehend what kinds of things they can do with the data they collect with all these smart devices but if you truly came to see what they can do with this stuff it would horrify you.  If you just keep giving in and taking more and more of these smart devices into your life and will not draw a line of what you will not accept then in the end you might end up lining up for the brain chips!  After the brain chips are in it’s game over!

Smart light bulb  It is already speculated that some of the regular fluorescent light bulbs out now have the capacity to spy one people with built-in microphones or other technologies.  We took a look at some light bulbs and saw that they have FCC notices printed on them.  What do light bulbs have to do with communication?  Some studies have found that LED and fluorescent light bulbs both have negative side effects because of the type of light they produce.  They have already passed laws banning the manufacture of old incandescent bulbs so if you see them at the store you might want to buy a bunch to have on hand because they are less harmful than the mercury filled fluorescent bulbs or the new LED bulbs.  LED lights are very energy-efficient I really like all the LED flashlights I have but in that case those are not used as a primary source of light so it might be advised that you use LED bulbs for the lights that you do not use that much and use incandescent ones for the ones that are used the most.  And better yet if you have the privilege to live off the grid, it is advised to use candles and lanterns which admit a far better type of light it is also good to get used to using that type of lighting so that you are prepared for a grid down/EMP type event that is possible to happen in the future.

But none the less it is a bad idea to waste your money on the new smart light bulbs that are being sold.

They will tell you all the wonderful benefits of having a wi-fi connected Bluetooth enabled smart light bulb that can be customized to help create the right atmosphere for you dinner or other setting.  It might be handy to have all these features built into your light bulb and never have to worry about leaving the light on since you can just control it from your smartphone but in the end you are only helping to further the NWOs smart control grid spying system by exchanging your fake debt based money for this garbage.

Don’t fall for the LIES and programming!

You could go on listing all the new smart products coming out and the flat-out ridiculous ones that the mind-control slaves are glad to take into their homes but the point is you don’t want to help facilitate this agenda of the NWO by buying into all the programming that is there to convince you that you need all this crap. It is truly freighting looking forward to the internet of things plan they have in store where every little thing is connected up to the internet.  There are so many different technologies that are being developed by the NWO like drones, super soldier robots, self driving cars, tiny insect like spy robots, and tons and tons of other scary tech these psychopaths have their hands on. The hideous fake media and entertainment has been putting out all kinds propaganda normalizing robots, tran-humanism, cloning, virtual reality and the acceptance of the surveillance state.  The fact is I don’t want to live in a world where you can’t get lost and every move you make is tracked.  People need to start standing up to this stuff and stop letting all this stuff into their homes and lives.  With the Agenda 2030 goal they really want to get people out of the rural areas and into the mega smart cities they are building and have everything super controlled and monitored via the smart tech elite control grid they are building via 5G smart meters and all the smart tech for dumb people.  They have already come in and threatened to disconnect people’s power if they don’t let them put in the smart meters.

They came in and did it to my house without consent, and in the middle of winter for most people they have no choice but to let them come and put the smart meter on their house.  With this kind of stuff going on it makes me want to get fully off grid and away from all this crap but in some places in the USSA they have made it illegal to live off grid and are fining people for not being connected up to their system and going along with their tyrannical bullshit zoning laws.

May the fight keep being fought against the NWO and all it’s agendas and the truth may get out so that people can get out of their slumber and wake up and stop being led to the slaughter!

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Welcome to the insanity

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you are sure to spend some of that time watching videos on YouTube.  I have enjoyed watching videos on YouTube for some time and can say that there is some really good informative content and instructional videos, and you can find out how to do most anything from a YouTube video but in the last couple of years it has become evident that YouTube is purging out a lot of the quality content well pushing the worst brain rotting garbage possible and doing some of the most insane censorship imaginable well permitting some of the most vile repulsive inappropriate content and promoting it at the same time.

When ever you click the trending section of YouTube you will find not the content that is most popular but the content that they want you to consume so that you will be programmed into the mind-control of the new world order.

YouTube is EVIL!

It might be a strong word to use but if you look into the things that YouTube is doing you will realize that they are working around the clock to push out NWO mind-control filth 24/7.  They also terminate countless people for daring to question the official story or expose what is really going on.

There has been a big reaction from the YouTube community of big time multi channel network YouTubers talking about the Adpocalypse where people are complaining about getting  demonetized and having their income removed.  These people are a bunch of FRAUDS that are just being used to make the censorship look broad when the real reason behind the YouTube purge is to remove anybody that talks about conspiracy facts and the NWO to be eliminated.

If you go onto YouTube and type conspiracy into the search you will find nothing but bullshit because they create tons of fake conspiracies and fake conspiracy pushers.    Some of the biggest fake conspiracies on YouTube are the flat earth and the Mandela Effect.  One of the main people you will see on YouTube when you search conspiracy is Shane Dawson an ultra narcissistic scumbag that has some of the most barf inducing mind-rotting content you can find.

The whole of YouTube is pretty much a cesspool of narcissism, idiocy and programming. The community on YouTube is mainly a bunch of losers that can’t get by in real world and make their way onto the internet to spout their stupidity and flaunt their narcissism.

YouTube is a window into the how our society has lost it, and we are now officially living in an insane asylum.

It would be nice if you could turn off your computer get off YouTube and find some semblance of sanity and common sense but that is not the case.  Most of the world has lost it and went off the deep end after this fall there is an edge of a cliff that the sheeple are running towards that will be a fall to complete destruction.

For someone who is stuck living in the United Socialist States Of America I can say that in this country the current generation is the dumbest one to ever inhabit the earth.  Some countries might even have dumber mind-control salves than the USSA but there defiantly are a handful of countries that have much smarter people than we have here in the USSA.

Common sense does not exist anymore; respect and honor are gone.  And the morality of this country is complete degeneracy.  There are small pockets of people who still have common sense and morality but for the most part it is a thing of the past.

Some people look at the emerging revival of right-wing conservatism online as a hope, but the truth is that the alt-light and alt-right are complete jokes and mostly frauds and shills working for the Zionists.

People think it is edgy now to be right-wing but these people don’t understand the real issues or want to embrace old-fashioned culture and good tradition.  These people have fallen for the false left right paradigm or are actively working to facilitate it.

If you don’t want for the ride to stop and get off there is something wrong with you.

We are headed for the abyss, and things will not get any better before they get a lot worse.

This Tide pod smartphone dependent generation is out in the streets begging to have their rights taken away and have the few freedoms they have left thrown away. #MarchForOurLives is a march of the destruction of humanity.

Everyday things get more crazy and everyday I become more and more stunned by the insane asylum that is around me.  I just have a disconnect and think how in the world did we go this far off into la la land.  Besides being in this state of total idiocy we are in a state of slavery most people are mentally enslaved and we all physically enslaved.       The first step is to remove your self from the mental bondage by completely rejecting the culture, the mind-control media and the fake reality they have us believing in.

After your mind is freed it will help you to think clearly about what you can do to loosen the shackles around your arms.  If you are stuck living in big city or one of these super communist states like Commiefornia or Jew York then get out get out!  It is only time before they start making it illegal to leave your district.  If you are thinking it is much more free here out in the sticks then please to not be ignorant.  I have lived in rural areas for my whole life and can say that living out here you are still very much enslaved and still have psychopaths with big guns ready to put you in a cage kill you or fine you if you do not obey their rules and pay their extortion.  Taxation is theft and it is possible that a system of taxation could be made with bearable price that people pay to have a minimal government but this psychopathic system of comply or die that we are under right now is not freedom and is an affront to liberty.

The bloodsucking vampires think it is your duty to pay your fair share to fund their services to the community like kidnapping and indoctrinating children in the public education system.  Extorting people on the roads via the police.  When these bloodsucking vampires extort this money from you, they have to do some nice things with it like having fire departments, libraries, road maintenance, public parks, and the such so that the slaves think their money is going to good things and that the society would completely fall apart if this money was not extorted from them.  They say that taxes are the price that you pay to live in society but I can say to hell with your society your solutions and your lies.  People will yell but you will build the roads! We already have plenty of roads and we don’t need the state to maintain them.  Let the roads fall apart!  People will find a way to fix them and will maintain them if it there is a big need for it.  In reality people don’t need to be traveling so much and it would be better to just go back to dirt roads and trails though the woods.  I understand that the economy would collapse, and it could not function possibly without the modern road system and modern transpiration but this fake fraud Rothschild controlled economy can go to hell.

A lot of these drooling retards would die if we went back to an agrarian society and people had to live off the land but that is what these people deserve.  It is true that we have really moved far away from and agrarian society and that it is pretty much impossible to go back but it is still good for people to desire the simple ways.  If there was a solar flare and it wiped out the grid most people would die but at the rate things are going it might be beneficial to get people out of the mind-control and back into nature and force people to live off the land.  Something that might just wipe everybody out if there was an EMP is that the nuke plants would melt down and spread toxic waste everywhere but maybe there is some way to stop that from happening.  This is all just speculation and likely if there was an EMP it would be by the elite and they would have all their equipment protected and come in and take people to the FEMA camps but we can hope that enough people will wake up before it gets to that point.

Some people will call it fear-mongering if you talk about FEMA camps and it is true that there is a lot of fear mongering lies related to FEMA camps and the Wal-Mart FEMA camp stuff was likely put out by the controlled opposition NWO agents.

Shills like Alex Jones have made countless fear-mongering videos talking about FEMA camp coffins and all sorts of other things that never came to fruition.  But the fact is that the government already throws tons of innocent people into cages and holds them for non crimes and kills tons of civilians via the Blue Line of terror.  So do not be surprised if these psychopaths would haul people off to government concentration camps.

Who knows what they have planned for the human cattle next and we can only speculate what things are in store.  One thing that seems certain is the trans-humanist agenda they are bringing down and the internet of things smart grid control/surveillance system.  Here is a link to a post we did exposing IOT.

The war on cash is ramping up and it will only take time before they reveal the global cashless electronic currency.

The financial system we have right now is fraud central bank Rothschild controlled scam but the thing they have planned to replace it is even more controlled and fraudulent. People need to barter is much as possible and get some precious metals and other valuable commodities in order that they have some real money on hand and not just monopoly money created by the Federal Reserve.

Do all you can to free your self from the slavery and try to educate and wake up as many people as possible.  There is a limited amount of time left before things get a whole lot worse unless something drastic happens that will halt the NWO.

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New content is coming soon!

We hope that people have found some of the articles and information given by The Unfake Media to be useful and interesting and we have lots of new content that we hope to have posted very soon.  As things get more busy in the spring it is harder to get as much content out but there are so many things that we feel should be exposed, explained and written about so it is challenge to decide if time should be devoted to The Unfake Media or other projects.

The other day we got to make a mug for The Unfake Media and we thought it would be fun to post a picture.

IMG_20180514_095442239This was a first try at making a mug so it is a little crooked but it still looks pretty nice.

Thanks to everyone that has commented and followed The Unfake Media.

Keep resiting the NWO and spreading the truth, it is very disturbing seeing how things are going forward but it is still a postive that they have not complety kicked us of the internet.

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The MAGA delusion

Many people have been swept away into thinking that Donald Trump will make America great again and that he is taking on the globalists but the real fact is that he is doing the very opposite and is nothing more than a globalist Zionist puppet working for his handlers to speed up the implementation of the New World Order.

Don’t be deceived, the NWO is not something to come in the distant future it is here right now and you are living in it.  It is only a matter of how far along they are in completing the goals that have in sight.  Anybody that denies that we are living in the NWO in 2018 is sound asleep or just in denial.  Every single day when you turn on your TV aka brainwashing box you will see more parts of the NWO being implemented.

Your news, entertainment, education, history, food, medicine and politics are controlled by the elite.   When you tune into the news, you are not getting the truth you are getting fake news and are being conditioned into accepting the future they have in store for you.

Looking around the web, you will find all sorts of people angry about voting ID laws and government websites telling you how to get an ID to vote for free.  People vote and then get stickers that say I voted and feel all special since they think they actually changed the course of politics but the reality that people need to grasp is that voting is a 100% fraud! It is possible that some small local elections are legit but all the big elections are rigged and the candidates are selected.  You are believing a fairy tale if you think democracy is something that exists in the USA.  Democracy is horrible system and in the USA we are supposed to have not a democracy but a Republic which we most certainly do not have.

Freedom is dead in the USA, America as a county does not exist, this nation has been completely taking over by the Zionists, Freemasons and other elite groups.

Something that needs to be understood is that there is no making America Great Again all that is left is to watch it burn and hope to be able to rebuild it from the ashes. This might make some people angry but the fact is that the US government is a terrorist organization that wants to enslave you even further into their system of lies.

If you live in the USA you are not free you are a slave.

Slavery was not abolished in the USA it was just that everyone was made a slave in a different type of way in that most people still think they are free.  The worst kind of slaves are ones that believe they are free when they are not.

When you understand that there is no saving the USA and that it must be rebuilt from ashes you must understand that something like that is being planned by the elite to trick people into thinking there is a revolution when it is just the powers that be crashing the system and bringing in their new system that is even more controlled.

One of the chief things they have planned is a global one world digital currency.  One idea of how they will go about getting this system implemented is after they crash things lots and lots of people will have tons of debt and will be helpless because most people hate being self-sufficient and think that the state owes them free this and free that.  The salesmen of this new global currency will tell people that all their debt will be forgiven and that they can get lots of free stuff if they just sign on to the new world order global currency.  Most of the brain-dead masses will gladly accept this and think it is great, and for the people that do not want to comply they will set up a tattle-tale system where your neighbors will sell you out in a heart beat.  We can not be sure how they will work to get this cashless global currency system put in place but we can clearly see how they have been telegraphing it to us and preparing us for it.

Many people who were supposedly awake said that the Democrats and Republicans were no different and that the left and right were both controlled by the same powers that be but then when Trump came along they turned on what they had said and went full-out in the their support of Trump and said that he would solve our problems and release us from the shackles of globalism.

After Trump showed his true colors and went back on many of the things he had said the MAGA maggots made up all sorts of excuses for why Trump was doing this and that and that he was playing 4D chess and tricking the democrats.  Some of the biggest people propagating this nonsense have been the frauds of the fake alternative media like Alex Jones and Mark Dice.  The Alt-Rght was also big in supporting Trump and bringing about the MAGA delusion by their utter lies and deceptions.  The Alt-Right is a fake fraud controlled opposition movement that won’t speak the truth but will only facilitate the divide and conqueror agenda.  #Qanon is also another big deception by the MAGA shills, don’t waste any of your time buying into the #Qanon garbage and if you are going to spend any time looking into it, it should be to expose it for the fraud that it is.

The whole mentality of these MAGA maggots and the fake patriots of the United Socialist States of America is so contradictory.  The fake MAGA patriots of the USSA claim they support the Second Amendment and the Constitution but then they go and worship the police that trample on the Constitution everyday and terrorize people for profit.

There are no good cops in the USSA they are all foot soldiers of the NWO and will do great amounts of tyrannical acts in the name of I’m just doing my job.  Sure some police might do kind things and protect people here and there but it still does not change the fact that they are employees of a terrorist criminal organization that derives it’s revenue from extortion, theft and fraud.

The fake MAGA patriots of the USSA turn a blind eye well Trump sets out to infringe on the Second Amendment and if Hillary or another Democrat was doing it they would be up in arms but with Trump they let it slide.

If you still think the USSA can be fixed or made great again then you are under a delusion and need to get back in touch with reality.

This country is corrupt from the very top to the very bottom and their might be local governments that are better than others but they all still go along with the terrorists and will not resist.

As the gun grabbing agenda is going forward like a bullet train many people feel that there are to many good patriots left in the USSA that would fight back but the truth is that if there was really that many good real patriots in the USSA we would not be in this situation to begin with and the revolution would have happened a long time ago.

There are still some good true patriots left in the USSA but it is far fewer than most believe and many of the people who call themselves patriots are fake frauds.

It is still possible that their might be a revolution of sorts if a gun ban was declared but it would likely be controlled and used by the powers that be to further their global government agenda.

I still hope that people will wake up and stop going along with the NWO but from the way things are it is looking quit grim.  You still can try to wake people up and speak the truth to them but it is wise to take some things into your own hands.  Get out of their system, grow your own food, be self-sufficient, get off the grid and fully reject their fake culture of degeneracy, mind-control and fake love.

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The correct type of gun control is something that we need

After this latest “shooting” in Parkland Florida there has been a huge resurgence of people screaming at the top of their lungs that we need to ban “assault rifles” and that we should all boycott the NRA.

In the USA we already have no gun rights but just better gun privileges than all the other countries that have completely surrendered their arms.

Second Amendment                                                                                                                             A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Shall not be infringed. Is NOT something that exists at ALL in the USA.

All the government regulations, background checks and other unlawful gun “laws” should all be abolished and removed.

The gun control fanatics will be outraged that some would dare to call for the abolishing background checks, permits, licensing and all other forms of government restriction on gun ownership and transfer.

Nobody should be forced to show a government ID/slave privilege card if they want to purchase a firearm. No government background check should be enforced.  Some gun rights people will claim that all law-abiding Americans have the right to own guns but if you are not “law” abiding then you cease to have rights.  It would be reasonable if violent criminals were not sold guns by gun stores but in this age being a “law” abiding American is nothing more than being a slave that submits to his tyrant masters.  In the USA to excise some amount of freedom you have to be breaking the unlawful immoral fake laws created by the mafia that claims to be serving the people.

If you step out of line and dare to purchase a gun or bear it without the government’s approval it will be very likely that armed criminals/police will storm your house hold you at gun point and force you to hand over the non government approved firearm and then be dragged off to the for profit jails or prisons to be brain-washed into why you must never disobey your slave masters or challenge the “LAW”.

Something that very ignorant people believe will help solve the gun problem is stopping mentally ill people from possessing firearms but if you understand the true reason behind the push for this sort of legislation then you will see that right around this New World Order they are normalizing mental illness and this all ties into the attack on people’s inalienable self-preservation gun rights.

A very large percentage of Americans suffer from mental illnesses and with these draconian gun control laws they are pushing it will make it hard for all of these people to buy guns. The other thing is that if they get these sort of mental illness gun laws in place they can deem anyone they want to be mentally ill since they hold beliefs that are “extreme” or opposed to the acceptable ideology of the establishment.

The other big gun-control tactic is to ban people who are on the no fly list from buying guns and this is pure insanity and flat-out evil.  You can be put on the no fly list without even knowing it and without any good reason given at all.  A good example of what kind of things they could put you on the no fly list for are found below.


Back in 2009 the Missouri State Police claimed that people who are opposed to the following are terrorists. Here is a link to an copy of this report that contained all this slanderous anti-American propaganda.

The New World Order – If you are not opposed to the NWO you are on the side of the real terrorists.

The United Nations – The UN is all part of the globalist NWO agenda.

Gun Control – All about disarming the people and making resistance impossible.

The violation of Posse Comitatus.

The Federal Reserve – One of the biggest scams ever pulled on the American people and the world.

The Income Tax – Legalized Extortion.

The Ammunition Accountability Act – Another attack on basic human rights to self-preservation.

A possible Constitutional Convention

The North American Union – More NWO globalism.

Universal Service Program.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is bad enough but they are upping the ante with trans-humanism and they will likely have brain chips available in 2030.

Abortion on demand – How dare you be opposed to the murdering of children?

Illegal Immigration. This is a complex issue; many people have been fooled into thinking that we need more regulation on immigration and that building a wall will be great for the USA but in reality they want you kept from leaving and are making it harder and harder to leave.  Some people think that open borders will lead to globalism but in the NWO they will make it harder and harder to travel and it may seem like it is easier for the sheep with their Nazi papers to move from district to district but for people who are not government approved it will be very challenging to travel.

It is true that they are funneling tons of immigrants into western countries to destroy the culture and cover the plummeting birth rate but this is all part of the problem reaction solution formula.

We do not support open borders and feel that countries should have clear distinctions from one another but the government lock down of the border and the requirement to provide government documents is not freedom.


A huge demonization of the NRA by the fake media has been brought about by this latest “shooting” in Parkland Florida.

The NRA is not this evil monolith that the anti-gun lunatics claim but it is not truly committed to protecting the people’s Second Amendment rights and has and does support gun control.  The NRA is just a controlled opposition group that is used to bring about the agenda to disarm the people of America.

If the government can own a weapon than you should also be able to with no limit whatsoever.  If you want a tank, machine gun or an attack helicopter than so be it.

In fact the type of gun control that we truly need is a restriction on what types of guns, the police and the government should be able to possess since they are the number one threat to Americans.

Some very idiotic people will claim that we get or rights from the Constitution but this is nothing but a lie.  People have inalienable rights that are natural and once more people come to understand this we will have more people who will put their foots down and say enough is enough and we will not put up with all this none sense that we can’t exercise our right to self-preservation.

The deceivers will make up all sorts of things like; why would anybody need an AR15 it is just meant to kill so nobody should have one since it is too powerful for everyday people! If anybody tells you that the Second Amendment is about hunting or any other thing like that you can conclude that they are ignorant or they are lying.

The Second Amendment is and has always been about people having a way to defend themselves from an out of control tyrannical government.  Some so-called pro gun people will say that we need the Second Amendment and all just in case the government gets out of line and starts attacking freedom but the real truth is that this is not something that might happen in the future but has happened a long time ago!  The USA government is the real terrorist threat to all humanity and has lost all legitimacy since it is ALL a fraud.

The legal system in the USA is a 100% scam fraud.  The police and military are not defending freedom, serving the people or stopping the bad guys they are the bad guys! They are the order followers that have become the number one psychopathic thug terrorist organized crime mafia.

Here are links to some posts we made about the police and military.

The public education is system is one the most evil diabolical weapons used by the controllers to program more cattle that are so dumbed down that they believe all the fake news they see on the TV and eat all the crap poison.

Here is a link to an article we did about the public fool system.

Your presidents are not elected but selected and voting is a huge fraud.

Link here to a post we did about the whole fraud of voting.

Another buzzword that is thrown around by the anti-gun actors is “common sense” gun control.

There is no common sense in disarming all the good people and letting the criminals to have all the guns.  The foremost criminal is the police enforcers that terrorize and harass people for profit.  The second criminal is the thief, gang member and murderer that does not care about any guns laws or gun free zones and will kill without giving a care in the world what laws are on the books.

Trump and other controlled opposition NWO agents will tell you that the solution to these school shootings is to have armed guards or let teachers carry guns.  Gun free zones should be banned and teachers should be able to carry guns but having armed guards is no a solution at all since we have lots of heavily armed police that don’t do shit and in a lot of cases make things worse.  A good example of this is when people where being held hostage in a church the hero that came in and stopped the criminal and took his gun away and the police came in a started shooting at the person that saved the day! Here is a link the story about this event.

They are making the schools into prisons where they are installing all sorts of high-tech security systems, bullet proof shelters and all mater of other ridiculous expensive security measures.

The truth is that the real solution to end school shootings and violence in schools is to completely abolish the public education system.  We need to ban ALL public schools NOW!  This country is being destroyed by the public education system; feeding the children with lies, brain-washing them into being obedient slaves, programming them into the LGBT agenda insanity, terrorizing them with ridiculous shooting drills and poising them with garbage food, vaccines and radiating them to death.

The reason that the masses are brain-dead drooling retards is that they are taken right off to the institutions and not raised by the parents but by the government, the media and their peers.

Compulsory education is such a sick perversion in the way that kids are kidnapped in much of the world if the parents try to home school their child because they see what is being done to the kids at the public schools and do not want their children abused and indoctrinated.  Some liberals have such twisted logic in that they feel parents do not have the right to educate their children and decide what they learn but that they have the right to murder them via abortion!

West Virginia had a bill back in 2017 that would have made homeschooling illegal and giving CPS aka Child Pedophile Services the go ahead to take kids away from parents if their children failed to attend school! Thankfully this abomination of a bill did not go though but in some states they are making is very challenging to home school.

The bastard behind that bill or anyone that brings something similar forward should be punished very severely for proposing such and evil thing.  Here is a link to that bill.

In Ontario Canada the maniacs there have actually made it so that the state can seize children if the parents don’t agree with letting their kids be transgender!  They actually say that not letting kids reject reality and embrace the insanity that they are not the gender they are born with is child abuse.

So the way it goes is that the monsters at the public school teach the kids that they can change their gender like they change their shirt and if the patents don’t agree with the bullshit than they take the kids away!

Here is a link to that insane bill!                                                                 

If someone raises their kids gender neutral than that is freaking child abuse and if they don’t stop that it seems perfectly fine for a concerned neighbor to remove that child from it’s home until that parent realizes that doing shit like that can damage kids for life!

All this bullshit propaganda with sexual orientation is simply explained in two categories mentality ill and non mentality ill.

I still can not believe how people think it is good to have the government involved in education when they can clearly see that the public education system is awful.  A lot of these people who support public education are just so lazy and self-centered that they don’t want to properly educate their children and train them up in the way that they should go.

Some people will also claim that they do not have the financial means to home school their children but when you truly look into the situation you will see that they are just not willing to make the necessary sacrifices, and care more about amassing more things than the very lives of their children.  We understand that some people really can not support themselves and educate their children at the same time but in that case they should look into online school or finding some local group of parents that can educate their children together.  We can say that online school is not ideal but it is a step in the right direction away from the public schools.  If you choose an online school system you should look over it very carefully since much of what you find these days on the internet is filled with propaganda and filth.

If you have the money than private school is something else to look into instead of public school but the truth is that nothing beats homeschooling in regards to protecting your children from this hideous NWO and giving them a quality education.

I have had some association with a Montessori school and will say that the one I have seen is a heck of a lot better than the public schools. This Montessori school that I know of has lots of good things going for it since it is farm school where the students learn real skills like growing and harvesting vegetables, caring for animals, nature skills and every year they have been having a craft sale where the kids make all sorts of things like cutting boards, maple syrup, lip balm and they also have made wholesome food that they sell.

I am so thankful that I was not sent off to the public school and will say that it is one of the chief reasons that I am aware of what is really going on.

Going on this long tangent about public education might not make sense when this article is about gun control but the fact is that it just shows how the government is so out of control and that our right to bear arms and not submit to the insanity is more important than ever!

Do not give up your right to bear arms and do not give up your right to teach your kids and educate them in the way that you see fit.


We need gun control!  and it is the people standing up and saying why do the police need tanks, fully automatic guns, and other military weapons? They sure are not using them to protect Americans or remove the criminal politicians that are traitors to the Constitution and enemies of freedom.  They are using these weapons to murder innocent civilians and kill anyone that dares to resist and assert their right to not be molested, terrorized and extorted from.

The government officials and politicians calling for the disarming of Americans need to show the example and give up their guns and then maybe people will be willing to give up theirs since they will not have the constant threat of armed criminals/police destroying their lives.

You might be wondering why we put air quotes around “shooting” at the start of this article and that is since the truth is that almost all of these shootings that go viral are nothing more than manufactured events that are either false flag events where a government agent shoots up the venue or they Mk-ultra somebody into shooting up the place.  Or hoaxes were nobody dies and nobody gets hurt and they just have a bunch of actors and theatrics to convince the masses that poor school children are getting killed and that we need to make it harder for non criminals to get guns.  The government gives the guns to the criminals that pretend they are enforcing the law and serving the people.

Something you need to understand that your media is all fake and that also much of the alternative media is just as fake. You will only find real media in small independent outlets that don’t push the fake left right paradigm and all the fake conspiracies used to discredit the real conspiracy facts.

Here is a link to an article we did about the fake alternative media.

When you stand up and speak the truth about this corrupt government you will be labeled an anti-government extremist but the fact is that if you ARE not anti-government you are a terrorist sympathizer.

Throw away your TV stop trusting the corporate media and never trust the government since they are all a bunch of lying criminals.

We need more freedom loving people who have more guns, and we need the criminal enforcers to be disarmed and held accountable for their evil actions.

People need to be very careful when associating with any of the anti-government militias since they are likely to be filled with government plants if not being totally government controlled opposition.

The government is spying on everybody, and the police are being brain-washed into being more violent and tracking and seeing anybody that the feel to be a threat to their criminal operation.

One thing that most states still allow is homeschooling and that is one of the best legal ways to resist these criminals.  Do not send you kids off to be brainwashed, poisoned and terrorized by the public school system that is one of the main causes of the brain-dead order following of the masses.

Initiating violence is never the best, but people who value their own livelihood and freedom will only put up with so much until they snap; and say enough is enough and I will no longer put up with being abused and extorted from.  Peaceful resistance is something that everyone should participate in.  They will hold a gun to your head and force you to submit to their tyranny so if you can flee before it comes to that point than do so.

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Veteran hero worship must be stopped

In the USA we have a culture of lifting up the military as a great thing and an elevation of veterans as heroes that are protecting us and guarding our freedoms.

Lots of times when you are talking to a veteran and get in an augment with them they will say that they are a veteran and that they served in such and such war as a way to assert themselves above you and imply; how dare you challenge someone who served their country?

The reality is that veterans are not heroes but victims.  You will get called or sorts of names if you dare to challenge the military worship culture in the USA.

The cold hard truth is that the military is not protecting your freedoms they are actively working to do the very opposite.  You need to realize that freedom is not something that exists in the USA any more and that you are under a trance if you think the USA is still the best, freest and safest country on the planet.

The USA is the bully of the world and is behind much of the death and destruction that is found around the globe.

The US government is funding the terrorists and then taking your rights away one by one under the guise of protecting you from terrorism.

If you are thinking of joining the military, you should not!

Some people who were fooled into joining the military could have done heroic acts of protecting their fellow comrades but for the most part they did noting more than further the global takeover of the world by the elite controllers.

The Zionist bankers have financed both sides of almost every war and benefit greatly from the destruction and bloodshed that follows.

When military go off to war, they are NOT protecting America and they are not doing anything heroic in getting slaughtered for Rothschild banker wars!  Many people who join the military can mean well and think they are doing something good for their country but they were fooled into believing the lies told to them by the powers that be.

This veteran worship went so far that we have a whole holiday devoted to “honoring” veterans.

If we go back a few hundred years, we could say that veterans back then truly died protecting the country and defending people’s freedoms.  We understand that the USA was started by Freemasons but something that needs to be understood is that Freemasonry has the yin and yang concept of doing evil and some good.

People have benefited and will benefit from some of the things that the Masonic hierarchy does but that does not change the fact the Freemasonry is a threat to everyone that is not a Masonic bro in the Masonic system of lies.

Much more detail could be put into explaining how most wars are all part of the controlled system that is benefiting no one but the bankers that funded it all but that is something for another time.

We truly feel sorry for all the veterans that were traumatized and suffered from the fighting they did but they were fooled and sacrificed by the cabal as cannon fodder.

It really hurts seeing all the people who have died fighting for the bankers and it is a sick thing to see all the people that are lured into serving in military and then just back stabbed by bureaucratic scumbags that care about nothing more than themselves and their wallets.

An end must be put to all the stupid veteran hero-worship that we have here.

And people should understand that veterans where victims of this hideous New World Order and that they should not be attacked for it.

But if they are one of these psychotic people who joined the military out of a selfish desire to be worshiped as a hero then you should confront them and explain how they are not a hero and that you won’t praise the them for serving in some Rothschild banker war.

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Professional sports wasteful, stupid and a huge distraction

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it came to mind that a post should be done about the insanity of sports that has swept the globe.

I have never enjoyed watching sports on the TV aka brainwashing box and it is hard for me to understand how people can be so fanatical about sports.

Some people practically have a cult like obsession with their sports team and will throw a fit if the opposing side wins but for me a can care less which side wins in the Super Bowl or any other major sporting event.

The Super Bowl has become a holiday in the USA where people set aside time and buy lots of junk food to consume well they watch brutes chase each other around and throw a ball from one place to another.  There are so many people who have been infected with this sports fanaticism that it is just another indicator that this generation is the dumbest generation yet.  There is no debate that we live in the age of idiocy and that the majority has thrown common sense down the drain.  This level of stupidity that we live in is because of the public education abomination and the controlled media that is dumbing down people as much as possible.

More respect could be given to pro sports if the sports actually accomplished something more than wasting billions of dollars and countless hours of time.  If instead of throwing a ball around they planted trees, built houses or did other useful activities and turned those into a sport than it would be something that we could be supportive of.

This brings to mind the time that we had a race to see who could pick up the most apple drops and the winner would get a prize.  The reason that apple drops should be picked up is that if they are not pests will use the fallen apples as a place to produce more pests. When the apple drops are picked up the general idea is that the totally rotten apples are tossed into one bucket and the other apples are put into another bucket.  After all the apples are picked up off the ground, they are sorted into cider apples that will be pressed and other apples that are fine to keep for other uses.  Much more detail could be put into the processing of apples but that is for another time.

There are many dimensions to the ways that sports are being used by the New World Order.

Sports are a huge distraction that are used to keep people focused on one thing and keep them from looking into the things that truly matter.  They create lots of drama in the sports world as another way to keep people hooked up and obsessed.

Sports have become filled with hardcore NWO conditioning and programming that may not be obvious to the untrained mind but if you look deeper you will see many layers of programming.

When a lot of people watch sports they do not want to be bombarded with politics and other things that they are trying to escape from and just watch the sport but today they politicize everything.

Something else that is disturbing is that they have lots of illness awareness propaganda in sports and they have all kinds of different colors for this cancer and that cancer and this disease and that disease.

Some people will think that raising awareness for cancer is a good thing but the sad truth is that they are just conditioning you into the fate that they have planned for you.

After being so exposed to cancer awareness propaganda you will be less shocked if someone around you gets cancer and if you happen to get cancer you will already be prepared for it and will accept it as something that is just a fact of life.

They have a great desire to depopulate the planet and this is being accomplished by the toxic food, toxic chemicals, LGBT agenda, cellphone radiation and the constant anti family propaganda pushed by the controlled media.

The medical cabal is very amendment about suppressing any true cures for cancer and has eliminated anyone that challenges the cancer racket too much.  They only permit their toxic chemotherapy scam and other big pharma benefiting quackery as solutions to cancer.

A recent example of professional sports being used for the agenda of the New World Order is the #TakeAKnee bullshit divide and conquer distraction.  Standing for the national anthem is nothing to be celebrated but taking a knee is a masonic ritual.

Being proud of the fraud impostor government that controls the USA is part of the deception and you should be opposed to the psychopathic monsters that hijacked the world and are destroying the world though the US government.

Most sports are played on a rectangular playing field but baseball is strange in that it is played on a baseball diamond which is in fact a masonic square and compass.  A lot of the potions and poses in baseball are part of masonic initiation rituals.

Some of the most famous players in baseball history have been Freemasons.

These include Ty Cobb, Cy Young and others.


Walter Camp the father of American football was a member of 3 different secret societies the most famous being Skull and Bones.

The inventor of basketball James Naismith was worshipful master in Freemasonry.

Shaquille O’Neal the basketball superstar is a proud Prince hall Freemason.

Shaq has also played a role in proliferating the flat earth pysop by making jokes about the flat earth.  Kyrie Irving has also participated in the flat earth psyop.

Flat earth has swept the internet in recent years and it is the latest insane pysop by the powers that be to make people who believe in conspiracy facts look like morons that think the earth is flat and that we live in an alternative reality that is being altered by CERN.

From flat earth being proliferated everywhere if you start to bring up some conspiracy facts to people about agenda 2030, 9/11, vaccines or chemtrails they will likely say are you a flat earther? and mock you for being stupid.  Flat earth and the Mandela effect are to make people look really dumb.

If you go on Google trends you, will see that if you type in flat earth there was just a flat line and then right around January 2016 it skyrocketed and went mega viral.

There is hardcore shilling behind the flat earth pysop and there are around 20 core people on YouTube that do flat earth full-time.  Going on YouTube you will find that almost a dozen flat earth live shows are going on at a time.  There are two flat earth shows that seem to go 24/7.  It is insanity how much flat earth bullshit is put out!

The elite is desperate to sink any real resistance to their New World Order, so they have filled the so-called truth movement with boatloads of agents and shills to put out endless amounts of lies and attack any legit people.  We are not and never have been a part of the “TRUTH” movement which is basically controlled opposition that should really be called the disinfo movement.

If you see YouTube channels or websites with the word “TRUTH” in it you should be very suspicious since the word truth has been totally hijacked.

Professional sports are just another tool of the NWO to condition program and manipulate people into the many agendas that they want accomplished.  Pro sports are also just a huge of waste of time that could be put to use doing useful things that truly benefit people.

We are not against people having fun and playing sports but the culture that has been created around them is toxic.  It is fine and good to go in the back yard and play some sports with your kids or friends.

Just like Hollywood we must reject the mind-control they subject us to in pro sports.

Reject all the fake culture of the New World Order and you will be much better off and far more happy.

Copyright by The Unfake Media 2018

The soft drink conspiracy

If you visit the grocery store, you will find that there are tons of soft drinks for sale and this is not an accident.

Soft drinks are one of the most consumed beverages in the USA and this shows with how sick, obese and dumb people are in the USA.

It is really sad seeing all these poor kids get their health ruined by consuming garbage soft drinks and all the other fast-food crap.  Soft drinks are not only horrible for your teeth but they are one of the worst things that you can consume.  The truth is the best drink you can drink is good old water.  But having bottled or fluoride water is not ideal. When you buy bottled water, you will get BPA estrogen mimickers and fluoride.

The mainstream fake media has created a meme out of Alex Jones saying that they are making the frogs gay, and the truth is that this is the reality even though Alex Jones is a lying Zionist gatekeeper that puts out tons of BS and some truth so that they can associate anyone that understands the conspiracy facts of this world as a blubbering idiot like Alex Jones.

When you drink water, you should avoid bottled water and city tap water.  The fluoride they are pumping into the water supply is making you dumb and sick.  Fluoride has been shown to lower children’s IQ and who knows what other harmful effects it has.  If you live in the city, it will be very good for you to buy a water filter that removes fluoride and other toxic substances.  After living in the country for some time I can say that cold well water is one of the best and most refreshing drinks.  When I have to get some water in town, I can not believe how people put up with such horrible tasting city water.  I am glad to say that I have never consumed the crap soft drinks that people love to drink so much.

Lets look at some interesting facts about soft drinks and the conspiracy that is behind them.

Here are the ingredients of the most famous soft drink which is Coca-Cola.

1. High fructose corn syrup         

This is one of the worst ingredients that is practically found in everything.  With corn syrup you are not only getting the toxic GMO corn but also mercury has been found in a large percentage of commercial HFCS.


2. Caramel color 

This is made from corn sugar and other sugars.


3. Phosphoric acid     

This chemical has been shown to contribute to osteoporosis and is very acidic.


4. Natural flavors   

When ever you see the word “natural” on something you can conclude that is means nothing.  Some of speculated “natural” flavors in Coke-Cola are.  1. Citric acid. This is made from black mold, GMO corn is used to feed the mold.  2. Cocaine this is where the Coke part comes from.  They used to use this in the original recipe.  Coke-Cola denies that they still use cocaine in the recipe but when is it ever safe to trust a corporation?           The speculation is because Coke-Cola has trade secrets.


5. Caffeine   

Coke-Cola claims that is for flavor but the truth is that they want you addicted to the crap.  Addicts of this drug will claim that it has health “benefits, but this is false.

The first product from one of the most evil corporations Monsanto; was Saccharin aka coal-tar for the Coke-Cola company.


If we look to the beginning of Coke-Cola, we will see that it was invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton.  After surviving a stab John started taking morphine to help with the pain and then became addicted.

Wanting to become free from his morphine addiction he turned to the idea of using other non opium painkillers as a solution to his problem.  The result of this experimenting led to the creation of Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. This was sold as a cure-all medicine/drink. It was made from alcohol and cocaine.  This drink later evolved into Coke-Cola, after temperance laws were enacted, he was forced to remove the alcohol but not the cocaine. Some good advice to take is that you should never eat something created by a pharmacist.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most sinister and evil things that plays a huge part in this New World Order.

The creator of Pepsi-Cola was also a pharmacist and something else that is interesting is that the inventor of Coke-Cola and Pepsi-Cola where both Freemasons.


Some people think that diet coke is better but the truth is that it is far worse.  You should avoid diet “foods” at all costs.  Here is a quick overview of the ingredients in diet Coke that are different from regular Coke-Cola.

Diet Coke ingredients.

1. Aspartame

this artificial sweetener was created by the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle, LLC which was merged into Monsanto.  GD Searle is now a trademark of Pfizer. The CEO of this company between 1977 and 1985 was Donald Rumsfeld.                         This just shows the revolving door of politicians moving from working for pharmaceutical companies and then for the government.

Aspartame is made from a combination of aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. Aspartic acid was originally made from an isolate of asparagus juice that was processed with lead hydroxide.  Some people think that if something is made from a chemical that was originally in a plant then it is safe but this is not the case.  They may take something from nature to concoct the ingredients of a product but they pervert what came from nature with all the processing and modification.

92 side effects have been associated with aspartame consummation!

The number of side effects come from the complaints of symptoms that people felt came from the aspartame that they consumed.  Here are some of the most horrific side effects death, irreversible brain damage, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, epileptic seizures, severe depression and hives.  There are so many side effects that have been linked to the consummation of this horrible poison that it would take pages to document them all in detail.

One of the most nasty tricks that these artificial sweetener companies use to mislead people is calling aspartame by different names.  As soon as people learn of the dangers of an artificial sweetener, they change the name so that people are caught of guard.        Here are some of the names that aspartame is sold under NutraSweet, Equal and Canderel.  The FDA will claim that aspartame is safe like all the other pharmaceutical garbage they approve.  The FDA is fully controlled by pharmaceutical and biotech corporations.  When you try to learn about the dangers of aspartame you will be bombarded with industry controlled propaganda websites and all sorts of disinfo from big pharma/biotech shills.  You should avoid all artificial sweeteners like the plague.     The New York Times fake news website has an article claiming that artificial sweeteners are safer than regular sugar! It is best to avoid sugar in general since most of it is GMO but when you do have sugar you should stick with raw organic cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar and some others that are not filled with toxic crap.


2. Potassium benzoate     

This additive is used to stop food from spoiling. This chemical is also used to make fireworks whistle. Some of the connected side effects are: damage to DNA, trouble sleeping, light-headedness and hyperactivity. If potassium benzoate and ascorbic acid are combined and heated, they can create the carcinogen benzene.



Mountain Dew is a very popular drink in fact the 4th most popular drink after Coke and Pepsi including the diet versions.  The ingredients mentioned already will not be covered here since Mountain Dew contains all of those plus a few more nasty ones.


1. Brominated vegetable oil            

This ingredient is illegal in Japan, India and the European Union but here in the USA where the government is dead set on killing a major percentage of the population that is not the case.  Pepsi-co said back in 2013 that it would remove BVO from all it’s drinks but as of now BVO is still in Mountain Dew.  The side effects associated with BVO are the syndrome bromism which can lead to hallucinations, anorexia, psychosis, tumors, nausea and coma.  A man was paralyzed from drinking large amounts of Soda with BVO.


2. Tartrazine aka Yellow 5    

This has been shown to cause hyperactivity in children and other side effects have been linked with Yellow 5.  Cancer and asthma possibly can be caused by Yellow 5. Petrochemicals are used to make Yellow 5.  It would be wise to stay away from any numbered food coloring.


3. Erythorbic acid 

This a stereoisomer of ascorbic acid which is mostly made from GMOs.  You should avoid GMOs as much as possible since there are so many negative side effects.  GMOs are just plain evil! GMOs are being used to depopulate the planet and make us all sick.


4. Calcium Disodium

EDTA stands for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.  EDTA is synthesized from ethylenediamine, formaldehyde and sodium cyanide.  Studies have concluded that high oral exposure to EDTA can cause reproductive and developmental problems. A common saying is that if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it and this seems to be a good rule.

One of the most sad things associated with Mountain Dew is Mountain Dew mouth.     You can look this up of you want to see a picture of what happens to your teeth when you consume large amounts of Mountain Dew.  These images are quite disturbing. Appalachia is where Mountain Dew mouth is a real epidemic; parents of young babies have been known to give their babies baby bottles filled with Mountain dew which IMO is child abuse.  It is really sick that these huge companies are allowed to poison people with toxic sodas and rot their teeth out.  But small farms selling raw milk are descended upon by SWAT teams and terrorized and harassed for doing nothing wrong.

The thing that people need to understand is that with soda pop you are getting a ton of toxicity from all the nasty chemicals and to add to that you are getting the fluoride water plus to add to all that you are getting BPA or aluminum from the container that you are consuming the soda from.


7 UP and it’s fascinating past.

7 UP was invented in 1929 by Charles Leiper Grigg. The original name for 7 UP was Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. Like Coke-Cola  7 UP originally contained drugs.         In this case the drug was lithium citrate.  After 40 years 7 UP was bought by Westinghouse Electric Corporation and then sold to Philip Morris.                                   Now 7 UP us under the control of Dr Pepper Snapple Group in the USA and outside of the USA is under the license of PepsiCo.  Most of the toxic soft drinks popular today can trace their roots to a patent medicine product.


Some people will stop drinking soft drinks and move to drinking energy drinks or sports drinks but the truth is that these drinks are no better for you and contain a lot of the same artificial garbage found in soft drinks.


Red Bull  

Sucrose is the sugar found in many drinks and Red Bull uses that as the sweetener instead of HFCS.  Sucrose is made from either beet sugar or cane sugar and since beet sugar is cheaper you can know that the sugar is beet sugar if it does not say that it is cane sugar.  Beet sugar is 100% GMO so you should avoid it.  Cane sugar is currently non GMO so it is best to have that over beet sugar.

The other ingredients in Red Bull are just more highly processed artificial crap so those will not be covered here since it is just common sense to avoid that crap.


This drink was invented by Robert Cade at the University of Florida.  Gatorade is very connected with the sports insanity that has infected the world.  The whole idea of professional sports is a sign of how idiotic and wasteful people have become.                    In the olden days people did not have to go to the gym or play sports to get exercise since back in those days people got plenty of exercise from just working around the homestead.

If you want a good energy drink, you can make your self some Switchel aka haymaker’s punch; this drink is what people used to drink to get energy well they where making hay in the olden days.  Switchel is very simple: just water, apple cider vinegar, ginger and honey.  You can look up the recipe if you want to try this health energy drink.

In regards to the ingredients in Gatorade there is nothing new here just more of the same; junk sugar, artificial colors, citric acid and “natural” flavors.

You should never give your kids soft drinks, and you should teach them about why they are so bad for their teeth and their health.  Soft drinks are just another way that the powers that be are destroying people and a rejection of them is an essential step to being healthy.

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