Vaccines are medical terrorism

It is one of the most disgusting scams ever perpetrated on the people and it is the medical establishments vaccine agenda.

Edward Jenner is the father of immunology, and he invented the first vaccine back in the 1700s.  He also happens to have been a master mason initiated into Lodge of Faith and Friendship #449 in Gloucestershire England he then served as the worshipful master of Royal Berkeley Lodge of Faith and Friendship.

There has been a disturbing trend of people calling for mandatory vaccines.  And new laws have been going on the books requiring people to be vaccinated.  If you support mandatory vaccines, you are an enemy of humanity and will be punished for supporting such an evil thing as mandatory vaccination.

A lot of these diseases that they claim to have eradicated with vaccines have been shown to have been not cured and just renamed as something else.  And the diseases that have went away did not go away because of vaccines but because of the improving of sanitation and the better preserving of food with refrigeration and other methods.

We have got wiser about not throwing are sewage out the window into the street and therefore a lot of nasty sickness and disease has ceased from effecting people.

The people behind pushing these toxic vaccines on people are some really twisted monsters.

The nasty things that they are putting in these vaccines will really shock you!  Here are some of the most disgusting and shocking things found in vaccines.

1. Mercury

2. Formaldehyde

3. GMOs

4. Aluminum

5. Aborted fetuses

There are plenty of other nasty things found in vaccines those 5 are some of the most disgusting.

The fact is that when you get the flu shot you are not going to be protected and you will likely still get the flu anyway.  And actually vaccines have caused a lot of outbreaks of the diseases that they claim to protect you from.

The vaccine agenda has employed countless shills to propagate their agenda and attack people who speak out against this huge deception.  If you search vaccines do not be surprised when you will find endless amounts of pro vaccine propaganda and lies coming from these horrible dis-info outlets that claim to be science based when in fact they are nothing but the opposite.  The “scientific” establishment is a controlled mouthpiece for the New World Order and they facilitate many NWO agendas like the vaccine agenda, the global warming agenda, the GMO agenda, the big pharma agenda and many other evil agendas.

Vaccines are being used to dumb down society and depopulate society.  The fraud medical system plays a big part in this NWO by keeping you sick and suppressing real medicine that is not Rockefeller owned quackery.

The side effects from vaccines are really nasty horrible things that screw people up for life.  Here are a few ones that should make you think twice about having that needle jabbed into your body.

1. Permanent brain damage

2. Deafness

3. Pneumonia

4. Vomiting

5. Nausea

6. Anaphylaxis

7. Arthritis

8. Death

There where just a few of the many side effects that can happen from vaccines.

The US government has paid out over 3 billion dollars for vaccine injuries and that just goes to show that it is a total lie that vaccines are safe.  Here is a link to the report showing how much they have paid out from the HRSA.

Something that ties back to what we were saying earlier about Freemasonry is that Shriner hospitals have been shown to not do surgeries for children that are not vaccinated.  This is from my own experience when members of my family were denied surgery unless they had a vaccine.

The whole idea that you can catch a cold from someone else by shaking their hand is a false idea perpetrated by these fraud liars.  When someone claims to have caught a sickness from someone it is not because the person that was ill spread that sickness to the other person but it is caused by something in the environment that both of those people are exposed to.  On the other hand bad habits and emotions are contagious so choose your friends wisely.

You should at all costs avoid having any vaccines given to you or your children.  We must put a stop to the medical terrorism of vaccination!  Mandatory vaccination is a hill to die on and compromising with this abomination is immoral.

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The Public Education Abomination

The idea of public education has been so cemented into society, that most people think it is unthinkable not to have government controlled schools but this idea most be put to death and cast into the fire.

People are held at gun point to have their money stolen from them by the government to fund the kidnapping of children to be indoctrinated into the communist delusions of the state.

The public fool system is not set up to teach youth how to be self-sufficient but to be obedient slaves of the system.  It is a system of memorizing your mind control and regurgitating it.

If we look to the past, we can say that the one room school-house of the olden days that where run by the community have nothing in common with this beast that we have now. The one room school of the olden days is not ideal but is it is far better than the horrible abomination that we have now.

All public education should be outlawed and the only schooling that should exist is home schooling and private schooling.  Years ago people had a lot more influence of their kids since they had them at home before they went off to school but now because of the fraud federal reserve system parents are forced to both work.  If you are sending your kids to public school, it is better for to sell your house and move into a smaller one than to have your kids permanently damaged.

It has been pretty bad in the public schools for a long time, but now with the insane LGBT agenda creeping into ever aspect of our lives we have seen that Canada has schools teaching kids that they can change their gender like they change their shirt.  One radical sex ed curriculum in Canada was co penned by a convicted child sex offender, here is link to an article about that.

In public schools all over they are teaching young children how to engage in all mater of unappropriated things that should never be taught in school but by the parents of the children when they are mature enough for that topic.

In lots of public schools, they are starting to require the forced vaccination aka poising of children that go to the school.  This is one of the many reasons that you should not be sending your kids to public school.

Public schools are a breeding ground for all sorts of bad behavior when kids have been sitting still for hours and not moving they build up lots of energy that is tending to result in negative actions.  Also there is the peer pressure that causes kids to get into very bad habits like drugs and crime.

The public schools in America are a Rockefeller funded attack on the people and a tool for creating cogs in the machine of this New World Order.

How can people think that public education aka indoctrination is a good thing?

For a lot of these parents, they are just to lazy and too self-centered to take the time to home school there kids.  We understand that some people are living pay check to pay check and have to work as much as possible to put food on the table and can’t home school.  This is all by design; the government is doing economic warfare against the people and they want you dependent on their fraud system to stay alive

The abolishing of the public school system would be a huge blow to the New World Order so that should be one of the things that you strive to bring about.

It does not look hopeful that public schools are going away any time soon but you can do your part and boycott the horrible institution by taking your kids out and giving them a proper education by homeschooling them!

They steal so much money from the people to fund the public education abomination and the size and unnecessary extravagance of these schools is outrageous!

If you think it is the government’s goal to produce independent free thinking people then you are very wrong.  It has been getting worse and worse in the public school where they are suspending kids for bringing nail clippers to school since they are considered “dangerous” here is more info on that.

Compulsory education should be illegal, it is up to the parents to decide what kind of education there children get.

They used to teach more practical things in public school like shop class and other things that truly benefited the child but now they are giving idiotic classes about “White Privilege” and all kinds of other nonsense.

We can’t reform the public school system or fix it must be totally abandoned because it is based on a system of theft and extortion to fund it’s operations.

The left will cry out that we need to pump more money into public schools and that public school teachers are the bastion of greatness.  Note that we do not fall for the false left right paradigm and we call out the controlled left and the controlled right.

Be thankful that in most of the USA people can still have the option of homeschooling there kids but that is not the case in a lot of countries around the world and it is quickly becoming harder to home school in the USA with the ever-growing regulations.

The NWO wants to create a global education system so that they have even more control over the people and so that their brainwashing can be fully cemented.

One of the major reasons for the Public Education Abomination is to prepare and brainwash people for Agenda 2030.  Here is an outline of what that is.

Our world is being changed at a very rapid pace; and we are undergoing the biggest change in human history.  They have been slowly working to further the goals of agenda 2030 for a long time, but now they are really ramping things up to get this wicked control system fully implemented.  The number one buzzword of this agenda is sustainable development and when ever you see that word you know that there is an agenda there.

Here are the 17 globalist goals of agenda 2030

1. NO POVERTY this essentially equals a global cashless currency and a universal basic income.

2. NO HUNGER = full control over food production and the implementing of Biotech and GMOs.

3. GOOD HEALTH = pharmaceuticals, mandatory vaccines and a government approved diet.

4. QUALITY EDUCATION this ties right back into what we were saying earlier about a global unified education system.

5. GENDER EQUALITY = LGBT agenda insanity plus feminism and the destruction of the family.

6. CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION = more government control over water and waste disposal.  This can be seen in some states like Colorado that outlaw the collecting of rainwater.  The other part of this issue can be seen in all the insane zoning laws that make it hard or illegal to use composting toilets and outhouses.

7. RENEWABLE ENERGY = banning of conventional energy, restriction on energy usage and more taxation/theft to pay for government-owned solar farms and wind farms.  They also have been suppressing alternative free energy technologies so there would be no energy crisis if they would let the technolgies out.

8. GOOD JOBS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH = More government control over the economy and more centralization of the economy.

9. INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE = self-driving cars, mega smart cities, the internet of things, trans-humanism, global surveillance system and more government housing

10. REDUCED INEQUALITIES = wealth redistribution, pulling productive people down and lifting unproductive people up, affirmative action, demonizing the majority and glorifying the minority, white privilege and guilt programming, feminism, extra rights for LGBT and a universal basic income.

11. SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES = smart “sustainable” mega cities, getting people out of the country and into the city and the banning of private property.

12. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION = food rationing and rationing of goods and services.

13. CLIMATE ACTION = pushing the global warming myth, carbon taxes, weather modification and sustainable development.

14. LIFE BELOW WATER = ban fishing without government approval at approved locations, more regulations on water usage and just tons of other rules and regulations violating your rights.

15. LIFE ON LAND = restriction of access to most rural areas, getting people off the land and into the city, doing away with private property and endless regulations on land usage.

16. PEACE AND JUSTICE = gun control and the eventual banning of guns, globalized “justice” system and an even worse police state with martial law.

17. PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS = one world global government.

These are all things that have and will be conditioned into in the minds of the masses by the public education abomination.

As you can see from reading the true agendas behind all of these goals, they want to enslave humanity into total slavery.  They also want to depopulate a major amount of the population so as to make control for them even easier.

We are already living in the New World Order and something that has played a big part in getting us this far into this nightmare is the public education abomination.  That is why we think it is important to expose the public school agenda so that hopefully more people will see what it does to society and children and take their kids out, which will hopefully lead to more people who will be awake to this NWO and we will have more of a chance in slowing down the progress of agenda 2030 and the New World Order.

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Taking a break

We will be taking a short break from posting anything since other things need to be done.

After this short break we hope to be putting out lots of thoughtful content but having a break will give us the ability to study up on things and work on things for The Unfake Media.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read our content.

Where have we gone?

I look out into the world and some times I can not believe how insane it has become.

Many times I just wish that I could travel back to a time when people where not so insane and the world had more truth in it and not so many lies. Why did this happen?

People have so lost their mind that they think the reality of their biology is not what they are and that there where born into the wrong body but this is a pure delusion! Your mind needs to change to fit reality not the other way around! 
All of the world does not need to start believing a lie to accommodate your delusions.

The family used to be a such a very strong thing that was the glue of society but now there are so little good functional families compared to the broken divorced families. The society has become a tornado set on ripping apart the family and everything you see out in the world is sending you a message that your own pleasure and desires are the most important thing in the world and that you should not have a family but just go and get a job working for the system.

Now that the family has been so vaporized people have become more and more dependent on the government It used to be that the parents would be farming the land and raise their children to take over the farm so that when they got old they could have their children take over the farm and they could take care of their parents well they lived out there last years in peace but now the kids all leave the nest as soon as they can and go off the college to get into debt for an education that they will most likely not use.
Then they eventually find a job and have kids, but they have bought so many things that they can’t home school there kids so they have to send them off to the public school well they slave away to pay off all their debt they have accumulated from their foolish actions and because of the thieving Federal Reserve System.

When this happens, the kids are not raised by the parents but by their TV and the institutions they are sent off to.

After the parents have had a few children, they find out in not to long that one or both of the parents have cancer or some other disease caused by the toxic foods they are consuming and all the toxicity around them.
Now there parents can longer take care of themselves and they must be sent off to a nursing home to live out the rest of their life suffering.  Since all the children left the nest, nobody is there to take care of the parents in their old age.

This is how things have looked for a little while now but things have become even worse in that the children are not going off and finding a job and then having a family but staying in a state of suspended adolescence where they are still playing video games and collecting action figures when they are in their 30s!

In the old days people used to have most of the skills they needed to go make a living for themselves and live from the land when they where 17 to 20 years old but now people don’t have any of these skills when they are 30 years old!

Where did we lose our minds and embrace this insanity?

I can not say when this truly happened it has been a slow process like the pot of water with a frog in it that is slowly heated to bring it to a boil.  How long before we reach the point when the boiling heat takes us out.

Be sure that the people who have constructed this new world order do intend on wiping out a large portion of the population.

As it was stated in the first part of this article the LGBT agenda is a big part of this tornado of destruction that is coming at us. There are many other pieces to this globalist puzzle that are being put together one agenda at a time.
Too cover all the agendas of this globalist puzzle it would take a very long time but if you want to see some of our other posts covering the other agendas of the NWO then please click here.

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Shut Down NASA!

Now you may say why should NASA be shut down? Keep reading to find out.

First I need to clarify one thing I do not feel that NASA is all fake and the earth is flat and I do not feel that they tell the truth about everything either but that does not change the fact that NASA has no right to exist and they need to be shut down.  It is insane how much money the USA wastes on bullshit like NASA and all matter of other things that should not be run by the Government.

I know that leftists love NASA and that’s a good reason to shut them down!

I’m not going to go over all the reasons why NASA should be shut down but it is no business of the USA to throw away billions of dollar with this kind of thing.

What good has NASA done? I can’t really think of any thing expect for maybe space blankets.

There may have been some other beneficial things that NASA did.  But that is no reason to keep stealing money from people to fund NASA.

So Please don’t buy NASA themed stuff or visit their places because the hole in the money bucket known as NASA needs to go!

One other concerning thing that NASA has enabled is the spying that they do with their satellites but most of the NASA obsession fanatics think those are all fake.

There is a cult of obsessive NASA fanaticism on the internet where people claim that everything NASA does is fake and how NASA is hiding the ‘‘TRUTH” from us all but this is all a huge distraction!  I do feel that NASA has faked some stuff and lied about stuff but to be so obsessed with NASA is retard and helps nothing but NASA.

I 100% feel that NASA is a huge waste and that they are stealing from people and that they should be shut down but it is dumb to think that everything they do is fake and to make loads of videos ranting about how bad they are when there are much more evil parts of the government that need to be exposed and fought against.  So what does it matter if NASA faked sending some stuff into space?  How does it affect your life if NASA lied about this or faked that?  It does not affect your life!  You are not going to be better of knowing that NASA lied about this or that!

It’s simple just never trust any government agency and if you see NASA doing something that is actually effecting you or that they are pushing some agenda then call it out but it is huge waste of time obsessing over NASA and most of the people who are hyper obsessed with NASA are morons or shills that want to waste your time when you could be doing lots of other good things.

Your whining is just going to put NASA more on the spotlight and make them more powerful!  NASA is behind this idiocy of obsessing over them.  You are a fool to waste your time on such petty things!

What you should be warning people about are things that really affect people like GMOs, vaccines, Smart meters, 5G cellular, IOT, Trans-humanism. These things are way more important than NASA!

NASA should be shut down but it’s a huge distraction to obsess over all the stuff that NASA does.

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Popular Mechanics the disgrace

So we wrote a post about why popular science is such a disgrace and a sell out to the NWO;  but now we are now going to do the same thing for the just as disgraceful sellout known as Popular Mechanics.

We used to think they where not that bad and a lot better than Popular Science but after picking one of their magazines up we realized that they are just as rotten as Popular Science.

Just like Popular Science Popular Mechanics are huge shills for GMOs and vaccines.

Also they are big advocates of myth spreading! The number one myth they spread is global warming.

But we just read a really crappy article in their magazine that was trying to paint people who are aware of all the true conspiracies as raving lunatics.

One of the PM employees went on to a cruise for conspiracy theorists which is a total bullshit setup.

You are not awake to what is really going on if you are dumb enough to go on a cruise that is for conspiracy theorists.

First this whole cruise thing could be total bullshit and it’s just a bunch of actors playing the roles of people or there are just a bunch of half awake re brainwashed morons that fell for the bullshit.

But the whole point of the article was to say that anyone that questions what they are told by the corporate media is like the lunatics that went on this cruise. The cruise had a lot of new age bullshit and UFO craziness that they grouped in with people who are anti vaccine and anti GMO.

Also they throw in the classic reptilian bullshit from the shill David Ike.

PM wrote a book claiming to debunk the facts of the inside/Israel carried out 9/11.  They are fake media at it’s finest filling you with so much lies and BS that it would put them on the wall of shame with the likes of Some of the most EVIL websites on the web like, Buzzfeed

There might be some neat DIY projects and other stuff in PM but they only put that there because if all they put out was BS no one would buy it.

Your media is all controlled and fake.

Legit corporate media is an oxymoron.  Legit alternative media is very rare. All the big players in the alt-media are just a bad as the corporate media. When we say fake we do not mean that the media does not report on real events but that they manipulate everything to suit their agenda.

PM is a 100% controlled social conditioning outlet that can not be trusted. Do not give your money to these sellouts!

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Blue Lives Matter = Thug Lives Matter

We have all been slowly conditioned into a tyrannical police state.  The media say that the police are there to help and that you should be proud of law enforcement officers but the truth is that the police are not here to help you and a lot of times when they are called to do their job they don’t do it but torment the people who called on them for help.

More and more the local police are getting equipped with military weapons that should never be used against civilians.  A lot of this has to do with the fake war on terror that the New World Order has created. If you want to fight the war on terror than the first thing you should do is shut down this out of control government that is manufacturing all these terrorist attacks and terrorizing the people with their outrageous and laws.

When you see one of these blue lives matter/ I stand with law enforcement signs it is really disgusting since that person has been so brainwashed to worship their slave masters.  The Cops don’t protect but they harass and extort. Some police may do good things and protect people but it does not outweigh that they are serving this corrupt illegitimate socialist nanny state.  If you want to help people than don’t become a Cop.

A lot more respect can be given to fire fighters since they mostly help people and don’t sit on the side of the road ready to collect and harass.  Truthfully fire departments should all be privatized so as not to have a service provide at the expense of people who don’t use it.

The sick mantra of the police when you complain about your rights being abused is that they are just doing their job and this is really bad since all the worst atrocities have been carried out by people who were just doing their job.

People have become so worthless that they wont take the responsibility for things but call the cops to do it for them since the are scared lazy and stupid.  The police have been taught to think that they are above everyday people and that since they have a badge it grants them extra rights.  They should feel that they are a servant of the people and not a master over the people.  Black Lives Matter has caused a lot of people to put out these pro LEO signs but people need not be programmed by this Soros/globalist funded movement.

We must stop being pushed around by these thugs.  The best thing you can do is to avoid them as much as you can and when you do run into them you should be peaceful and not let them bully you around.  know your rights and don’t be a slave.  Note that this advice should be taken with your own judgment and we can not be held responsible for any thing that happens.

A lot people who are bullies and thugs become Cops since they can get away with tons of things that they could not if they did not have the badge behind their actions.

Now some empty-headed people will say that you should not be complaining since you can vote if you want to change things but this is one of the biggest frauds pulled on the people.  Voting is huge waste of time since most people are brainwashed slaves that will always vote to grow the nanny state and have more theft take place.  Also all the big elections are rigged by the system to put in their puppet of choice.  We have a post about the scam of voting linked right here so check that out if you want to learn more about that topic.

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Alt-Right VS Alt-Left

Alt-Right VS Alt-Left

Some people have been aware of all the shilling in the fake alternative media by people like Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Rebel Media.  These people are somewhat considered Alt-light and they are also somewhat affiliated with the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right has really been in the news and all over the media with the events in Charlottesville Virginia.

The Alt-Right has become a meme like the Fake News meme.

The Alt-Right is a pathetic movement; some people that have been duped into this scam movement are good people that are just very foolish.

The people that participated in this march looked like absolutely pathetic losers just like Antifa and the Alt-left.  A lot of the Antifa people have been shown to be payed Soros agents and that is likely the case with the Alt-Right also.

People that fell for the Alt-Right where people that where still deceived into believing in the false left right paradigm so making the jump into the Alt-Right was easy since they bought the mind control of the false paradigm.

Trump has also played a roll in the Alt-Right/Alt-Left paradigm. Trump is a total globalist sellout that was pumped up by the fake alt media.  Trump is nothing more than a Zionist puppet.

The pathetic acts of the Alt-Right show that we are living in the age of idiocy and that this generation is the dumbest generation of all time.

We can see that some of the concerns that the Alt-Right bring up are legit like the constant attack on white heterosexual males but they are handling it in the worst way possible.  Going to protests is for the most part an idiotic waste of time.  Alt-light fake alt media people have also had their idiotic free speech rallies like the battle for Berkeley and other events that did nothing more than create violence.  Most of these rallies are nothing more than a staged divide and conquer operations.

If you want to fight this attack on old fashion western values then set your self out as the example by having a big family and being self sufficient not being basement dwellers that run around with Tiki torches!

The elite want all these violent protests so that they can make the police state bigger and bring in martial law!

Charlottesville was where the unite the right rally took place and just from the name you can see how dumb it was!  The thing that mind control slaves fail to understand it that the Right and Left are controlled by the same hands and that morons are on either side of the divide.

The attitude that people need to take is screw the right and the left since they are truly just working together behind the scenes to bring in this new world order!

Alt-Right people think they are different from the mainstream right but they are just a tool to catch people that start to wake up to the bullshit of the Left/Right but fall back into the trap created by the people you are not allowed to talk about.

We hold much more truly to the principles that held society together in days gone by than these Alt-Right frauds.  The Alt-Right is degenerate and some of these people claim they have traditional views on the rolls of men and women and the family but they have nothing more than pseudo morality.

The way things should be is that both parents are stay at home parents that live off the land and till the soil for there sustenance not going out in to the wicked city to make a living!  It has been the agenda of the globalist elitist to get people off the land and into the city so that they can destroy the family with the toxic mind control of the public fool system and the media!  People need to go back to an agrarian lifestyle!

All the so called progress we have had to this modern urbanized lifestyle is nothing more than a progression to the destruction of humanity.

Some things that we have gained from this progress may be useful but for the most part the effects have been negative.

Leave the mind control of the left and the right and join the truth by being a believer in Agrarianism!

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Abolish woman’s right to vote now!

Feminism is something that is under big attack right now by the Alt-Right, we find this to be very disturbing.

Feminism is a great example of what happens when women are freed from the patriarchy and are not oppressed by evil white men.  How did we get this far? The war on women is still raging strong but at least women have the right to vote so that the men don’t take over and kill all the women.

Equality is something that can not be turned away from, if we don’t have equality then women will cease to exist and bigotry will win.  We can’t let that happen because social justice requires that we fight the force of evil called white heterosexual men.

With the power of science we will be able to artificially fertilize woman’s wombs with woman generating chemicals.  No more need to have pesky men around because we are living in the future and it’s a new age! You should be overjoyed!

World peace will be everywhere because we all know the fact that women never start wars.  It’s an exclusive trait of white men to get into conflicts.

When ever women get into conflicts men are always behind them.  Don’t be deceived be racist bigots like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now you may be asking why the heck is this article called abolish woman’s right to vote?

First woman is just an idea, gender is bullshit made up by the EWM/Evil White Men.  So that has it women don’t exist so why would something that does not exist need to right to vote?

Thanks for reading this far!  The top part of this article is just showcasing the pure insanity of every type of feminism.  Now your going to say you mean you are against the suffragette movement?  We all know that the suffragette movement was a great thing and that it is the feminism that we have now that is so toxic.

Well we are sorry to pour some cold water done your back but the truth is the suffragette movement was just as toxic as the feminism we have now.

Lets look at the history of the suffragette movement and show you how it was a really bad thing.

Back in the 1900s women where getting tired of being abused by men and having far less rights so they thought this is not fair we should be equal with men.

Did you just buy that line of BS?  Well if you did then your dumb.  We know that you feel you’re a very intelligent person but to tell you the truth your head is filled with silly ideas and lies that have no basis in reality.

We know that you’re getting very offended but that’s a good thing!

The suffragette movement is one of the most evil things that the powers that should not be have carried out!

The Rockefeller dynasty funded the suffragette movement so that they could rake in uncountable amounts of money by use of one of their most evil methods of control which is called theft/taxation.

The whole idea behind the suffragette movement was to destroy society by destroying the family structure and getting women to put themselves into to slavery for the state.

You have been so deceived that you are fighting for your own destruction.                       The American dream is nothing more than a big hoax set up to lead you back into your shackles.

The USA was set up by the Freemasons and its owned by Israel.  The Zionist coup d’etat happened a long time ago!

The only way that you can escape from the elite control grid is to stop being a mind-controlled slave.

People these days are not really human with all the poison they are feed and live in.

The masses are going to be begging to give up the real human that is still left in them and replace themselves with robotics.  Test tube babies are coming in no time and if that does not scare the crap out of you then wake up!

We could go on for years about how horrible the suffragette movement was but that is something that you should research your self.

Now the reason why woman should not vote is because no one should be voting! It’s criminal to support the state!

If you must ever vote it must be to downsize the government and remove regulations. The big elections are all rigged and bullshit and much of the local elections are a waste of time because it’s one 1 freedom loving person to a 100 shitizens!

If we have to have a government then it should never be a democracy!

Look at the USA inc we have had democracy and look where it got us!  Even though democracy is bad we don’t have any whatsoever in this country and all the other big supper power ZOGs.

Your vote does not count and it does nothing but let this NWO reach it’s tentacles tighter around you and the rest of the world.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a scumbag liar and Zionist shill that is working for the elite to screw you over!

You have got to be really dumb to think that a legit person would rise that high up in the media and be famous.

They hate you with a passion and they will do anything to depopulate you!

WAKE UP!  DON’T TAKE THE RED PILL!  RED PILL IS 100% bullshit and you’re a fool like Tim Fool the tool if you take the RED PILL!

The franchise must end!

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